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  1. POSSIBLE SPOILER if you haven't seen it but how about... the guy who betrays Neo in The Matrix (sorry I can't remember the character's or actor's name but he's the one in Memento too). He may be more of a Judas but he has a forbidden food and makes the kind of decision you seem to be talking about. Also, bit of a stretch maybe but if you see it as Moonwatcher using his new-found toolmaking knowledge to kill his fellow man, I guess the beginning of 2001 could be, I think has been spoken of as a sort of Genesis story.
  2. Romi

    The Golden Compass

  3. In Empire this month Mark Wahlberg was saying how 'it's all about Jesus now'. I'm sure he'll be on Actor's Studio one day.
  4. Argh! I can see funny symbols too! Does this mean I've got spyware/adware whichever or that Mark only has it which is why he's printing funny stuff? How do you get rid of it? Very sorry to hijack this thread but I hate this stuff...
  5. For what it's worth check out - if you can - Spaced. I think MattPage mentioned it elsewhere, maybe in the Shaun of the Dead thread. Especially look at the first series where Tires seems to agree with Alan Thomas (sort of)... And what about Four Weddings? Hugh Grant and his flatmate (I think - been a while since I saw it). Or sci-fi movies - Alien and stuff. Anyway Spaced is a TV series not a film, but has this type of question almost at it's core so maybe it's worth a look.
  6. Romi

    Here I Go Again

    I'll keep you informed if anything which you could perhaps contribute to happens, mdsteves. I got back a 'message not sent properly' or whatever it is reply when I mailed the channel, so I'm trying again...
  7. Romi

    Here I Go Again

    Steene, I mentioned this briefly before and it kind of killed the thread so sorry if I just didn't take the hint but I'll ask again anyway. Firstly, forgive me if this leads absolutely nowhere (I haven't even done it yet) but I'm very soon going to contact a Christian cable station here in London about whether they accept 'input' from viewers - they seem fairly keen. just getting stuff seen seems pretty important and not being a lone voice in the wilderness sometimes helps too (and it's hard to find people interested) so - and please remember they may not be - if they are interested in accepting ideas for possible broadcast and in being 'proper' backup to any projects undertaken, are you interested? Also moderators - should I PM in future? I don't post that often so sorry if doing this breaks any rules. However, any advice on taking this step would be gratefully received also...
  8. Romi

    A Radical Proposal

    I'm not sure if this should be in the 'Meeting Other Filmmakers' thread but I'll try it here - on behalf of myself and perhaps steene and a few others - does anyone here from, um, Europe have a website like Jason Bortz's or something? One where someone making films which get seen has a site open to ideas, input and discussion? At least us on the outside might get some more tips! I thought your first opening post was a wicked parody of 'aspiring artists', steene, but seeing as it seems you're serious I thought I'd post. It does seem to me that the key is not making a film - or digital video - which nowadays is relatively easy, but making sure it doesn't then just sit on a shelf. It's also easier to get something off the ground if you have proper backing in the form of distribution to support and 'convince' people with. I did think of contacting a money-less but professional religious channel based in London (yes that one) but decided to go down another route/to another channel as I mentioned in another post (lots of practical considerations - travelling, 'not sure' of channel etc - which is what I was thinking about your post, steene, before Spoon answered - 'on the east coast somehere'!? like the quitting jobs bit though). I wondered if they were interested in buying in or at least showing say, short films or even was thinking of something else. Whaddya think? Shall I steer clear or is this a good route to try?
  9. Nasty pop-up with this one, just a warning. Don't know if it's the one... http://chetday.com/passionofchrist.htm
  10. Thanks for answering those questions Jason. Very interesting and useful. I'm off to check your websites now...
  11. Seeing as The Office is no more can I suggest an expansion to this topic? How well are Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G, Bruno and Borat, Steve 'Phileas Fogg' Coogan - best known here as Alan Partridge TV presenter from hell, - Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran (wasn't he on Letterman?) and Graham Norton are going down abroad (especially USA I suppose)? Given that in another thread it was mentioned that since Python, England has produced very few great comedy films, how about TV? Ali G (movie) InDaHouse or whatever it was called stank, the first American series (...in the USAiii) was hilarious I thought, but bombed in America. Now Borat's been a hit, so we hear. True? By the way, to perhaps aid viewing (sorry if it's been posted already) http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/theoffice/clip...ins/index.shtml
  12. I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question - where do a lot of you filmmakers show your films (thinking of the short ones mentioned under this topic especially)?It's just that some of them sound quite...professional. Do you make them 'for a living' or when not at your day job? Do you show them at festivals? Sell them on? Are they commisioned or for a production company? Or do you raise funding by working rooms and knocking on dentists'/lawyers' doors with a showreel/trailer ala Sam Raimi/Evil Dead? Thanks and sorry for all the questions but it's kinda hard to know when looking in from the 'outside'...
  13. For what it's worth steene I bet I'm not the only one who really understands what you're saying, and I think it's true that there's no one way to get a film made. I've written to production companies and sent samples (like you I've written shorts and feature-length stuff) with rejections or interest which then seems to just get lost somewhere. I've entered competitons (a short script contest which forced me to write something I thought would get picked up - I find it hard to write contrived stuff and I REALLY don't mean that to be pretentious as I'm sure I could if I had to but what I mean is, put it this way, I don't think it would be as good as something of interest - so I found a balance, made myself think of something I wanted to do which I thought they would like also, got shortlisted but...no further. I recently went to a preview screening and met up with the producers/actors/directos at their invitation but since...nothing. Next step is sending off a few shorts to a cable channel which welcomes them - they've a bit of a news agenda and I feel strongly about them even though the channel doesn't pay for sending them in but I think they cover important issues so...if the right people see them and likes them who knows? I think you just gotta try everything. Some telly stations offer specific routes to discussing and submitting work (try BBC's writersroom). Any help from those who've 'made it' would be appreciated here too. Good luck steene. Wish me the same...
  14. http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/stor...1158498,00.html
  15. Concerning the end credits - is Gibson really going to do what it says in Mike Evans's piece and put the '250,000 Jews crucified, only One rose from the dead' scroll? It's reported to be brief but I'm still wishing for an expectant and hopeful ending. Wouldn't this text after a an open, questioning, challenging (I'm wishing again) final scene be just, like, KLUNK?
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