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  1. I would love to make Christian films in Hollywood! TBN's films (The Omega Code and OC2) have amazing special fx (cafe fx who also did VFX for: Flubber, Hulk, Spy Kids) and other Hollywood Movies. I hope Mel Gibson continues to make Christian Films after the release of 'The Passion of the Christ' (which looks really cool!) I don't think you can say that TBN could be looked at as 2nd- class filmakers with their 9million dollar budget. Or even 'Cloud Ten Pictures' with their very succesful release of 'Left Behind-the movie' I live in England and I am hoping to come to LA next year. Of course I'll be visiting 'Univeral Studios' and 'Disney' and 'Columbia'. Anything else you would suggest as a 'must-do' in Hollywood! Gotta go now be back later Pete Jaxon
  2. Hey! Does anyone think that Mel Gibson's new film looks good! I hope he will continue to make Christian Films
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