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    Shrek 2

    I saw this movie yesterday. I thought that it was better and funnier than the first. I was laughing so hard in some spots. Go see it.
  2. Interested parties in Indianapolis, New York, and L.A. should apply. This will be a paying gig. "I Am DB" will soon be moving to Phase 3. Jolliff Digital Production is currently accepting demo reels for HD and 35mm camera operators that are interested and capable of working in a fast paced reality film environment. Since it is reality film, it is unsure how long your services will be needed. Please send REELS or anything else that is representative of your work to this MAILING ADDRESS. Please also include your rates on a daily and/or weekly basis. Here are the positions that I will need: HD camera team (2 - 5 cameras) 35mm camera team (2 - 3 cameras) sound team (2 booms and multiple LAVS) production assistants (3) producer accountant legal council (must have experience in the entertainment industry) web designer with Flash knowledge publicist HD editor 35mm film editor wardrobe 1st assistant director photographer craft services It is unsure when EXACTLY we will move into Phase 3, but if we already have your info, we can be that much further ahead of the game. Everyone involved will also recieve demo material and the finished film on DVD or VHS. Any questions should be posted to this thread.
  3. I have not seen any of the ones that you have listed above but I did see a great documentary on Robert Evans on HBO2. It is called "The Kid Stays In the Picture" (2002 documentary) It was very well done; almost in the MTV style. Very graphical and fast paced. It was also narrated by Robert Evans himself. It read almost like book-on-film. Anyway...just thought I would share that.
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