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  1. Wilmore is the center, but he is so willing to step back and let his panel get the attention...so far, I really am enjoying the show.
  2. I just really it heavy handed...it looks intensely serious, and that is just not the Fantastic Four...the world may be abut to get eaten, but the FF are fun to see stop it from coming to pass. TThe film just does not look like it is fun.
  3. I got an e-mail...in two years, my rate will go up by a dollar. Jerks.
  4. How odd...just had the "sex scenes do not make a book/show/movie" pornography in multiple arenas this week.
  5. Ken-the Levayan Satanist thing actually played a role in tonight's plot.
  6. Little kid dies and claims he was in heaven. Jesus gave him a message... OF MURDER!!!!!!
  7. Netflix must be fuming. HBO would not budge for them, they refused them, it did not even seem to be an issue of paying enough money...what changed with Amazon.
  8. My feeling was they (the writers) should have made the entire scene consensual and made it about Show hidden textJamie loathing himself for still loving Cercie. It would make sense with the redemptive arc the character has been on. Instead, as it stands, the characters growth has been completely ruined.
  9. Of course, two of the people quoted are men...no comment from the other actor in that scene.
  10. Matthew thanked God first...but his hero is himself. That is hopeful for Christians?
  11. Hmmmm... movie about a college guy who becomes a christian and his faith perseveres in spite of "young adults who were 'raised in a Christian home' and attended socially, because it was expected." That has the potential for a bit of fun in a film.
  12. God's Not Dead II: God's Not Deader? God's Still Not Dead? God's Not Dead with a Vengeance? A Good Day for God not to be Dead? You know, I like how The Transformers sequel titles work with this... God's Not Dead: Revenge of the Fallen? God's Not Dead: Dark of the Moon? God's Not Dead: Age of Extinction? Or... God's Not Dead into Darkness? And just because it's required, God's Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo? No, no... God's Not Dead The Last Temptation Of Kirk Cameron.
  13. I loved the final episode. This was easily one of the strongest shows I have seen in awhile. Along with House of Cards, I have had a chance to watch some great TV. True Detective is just so amazing a visual feast, every shot feels deliberate and purposeful. It was haunting and beautiful the way they made the dilapidated homes and buildings and forests feel as important characters in a way. When they I felt the final discussion between Marty and Rust was just about perfect. I had the idea I kind of would like it if each season used the two Police Detectives investigating the current murders of the first season as the framing device.
  14. I was nervous to enter this thread. Again. I stayed out because along with True Detective, I watch this with my parents and they were out of town...but we finished the season last night. I was nervous because on the Oscar discussion on Facebook, someone made the comment that "apparently there is someone who still cares about House of Cards". That is paraphrased, but I thought "Oh boy, is everyone hating on this season?!" So, glad to see that actually, most are in at least general agreement. I enjoyed the season overall. And seriously, the last shot oof the season finale was perfect.
  15. This week's episode was the point where Community went from enjoyable to my dad to just weird.
  16. Wow. He's right. The best way to know which movies are "the best movies of the year" is to look at "the best-attended movies of the year." I suppose your suggesting the Transformers are NOT the best films of the years they were released?
  17. Clearly, all Joss Whedon needs to do is cobble a couple episodes of Firefly into a theatrical release and BOOM! Box Office Gold.
  18. So...will the Sinister Six star Garfield? Or no Spidey Presence?
  19. When he fights back the zombies and seals off the volcano, saving Pompeii....we will all appreciate the filmmaking brilliance at play.
  20. Thom Wade

    RIP Harold Ramis

    The one I read did mention, but only in reference to his work with Apatow. Had they not brought up Apatow, I suspect it would not have been mentioned.
  21. Thom Wade

    RIP Harold Ramis

    I want to believe Ramis would appreciate thaat I was laughing at that. I think I am going to watch a few of his films (Stripes and Ghostbusters, for example) this weekend. Or this week, as I am currently jobless.
  22. I have seen all of them. I kind of think that # 2 was "intentional". Salva made a film where all the primary vicitms are young fit men who take off their shirts? If Salva was not a convicted Pederast, it would not come off quite as creepy. But that knowledge makes it hard for me to believe Jeepers Creepers two was just reversing a horror movie trope (girls stay fully clothed in the film). Salva's film Powder was one I really liked until it was pointed out how the films "outsider" message actually plays heavily into the victimhood psychology of pederasts and pedophiles.
  23. I thought the second episode was stronger...it seemed like everyone else was having a much more exciting time. I have felt the three episodes that have aired have been quite good overall. I especially enjoyed the relationship between Michonne and Karl (as they suggested on the Walking Dead...kind of the scary but cool aunt/big sister-Mindy Kaling emphasized the scary).
  24. That was the way to indicate it is a totally different set of characters...?
  25. It felt like it totally fell apart after season one. They had all these characters to work with, but it felt like a mess with all the time jumps...trips to the future and past are tough to do well. Especially the "dystopian future" stuff. Personally, I wish Sylar would have been gone for a couple seasons. The first season had comic book tropes, but they did a good job of making those tropes benefit the story, where as, the later seasons, those tropes were used poorly. I think it could have been nice to follow mostly new characters, keeping the audience in the dark-Sylar appears to be dead, but is brought back in a shocked reveal at the end of season three or somewhere along those lines.
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