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  1. Hey all, If you're in or near Houston, you won't want to miss a very intimate concert with the amazing Mike Roe of The 77s & Lost Dogs... Call me (6502180544) or email me (mattnightingale at mac dot com) for more info. Or if you're on Facebook, RSVP here. Help me have a nice big crowd and pay for this thing! Matt
  2. "Hurricane Mike" Hits Houston... I'm hoping to have Mike Roe here for a house concert next month... possibly the 10th of November. Is there any interest? I need to see if I can get critical mass before committing.
  3. I'm really digging Jonatha Brooke's "The Works." At the invitation of the Woody Guthrie Foundation, she set a bunch of Guthrie's unheard lyrics to her music and recorded them with Bob Clearmountain. I love this record. Check it out here.
  4. I totally agree. Joan Wasser is amazing. I was absolutely mesmerized by her song "The Ride" from her debut.
  5. How 'bout musicals? Oliver! is a great movie...
  6. Do documentaries count? If so, Dark Days is great...
  7. I am really enjoying the *two* new releases from Hawksley Workman. Have you heard of this guy? I discovered him with 2001's "(Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves" and have been a pretty rabid fan since. It started with a song called "You Me and the Weather" that my brother Micah played for me. The guy has an amazing multi-octave voice and considerable songwriting skills. Anyway, he just released "Between the Beautifuls" and "Los Manlicious," but not in the USA. You can get them on his website.
  8. My faves are Sticks and Stones (probably because it was the first one I knew and loved), Seventy Sevens, Pray Naked & ep. I am also a BIG fan of the 7 & 7 Is "Fun with Sound" project. Of Mike's solo stuff, I think that "The Boat Ashore" is the greatest... so many good songs like "The Boat Ashore," "Honey Run," "Blue All Over"... although many fans argue that "Safe As Milk" is a better album. Making a record with Mike as producer and guitarist was an amazing experience. I got to know him as a musician and as a friend, and after I got over being star-struck, I enjoyed every minute of it.
  9. Sheesh. I haven't read this whole thread, so forgive me if I'm bringing up something already discussed. I think this Slate article is ridiculous.
  10. I just finished reading this book... Really enjoyed it. I always seem to slip into thriller/horror mode sometimes during the summer; not quite sure why. Anyone else into Stephen King? I read Cell last summer and really didn't like it very much, but 'Salem's Lot was very satisfying. I've also read Misery and The Shining, but I think that's it. Any other recommendations?
  11. This is very, very good music. My goodness, I love Sixpence. I'm glad! I've really been enjoying NoiseTrade. (And no, they're not paying me... unless you count lots of free music!) Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Waterdeep and Sixpence are all great. There are some that I won't even bother with. (Jeni Varnadeau. Ugh.) But I've made some cool discoveries too, like Katie Herzig and The Major Labels.
  12. You can download the EP here at Noisetrade by either inviting 3 friends to check it out or by paying whatever you want, from $1-25.
  13. He's talking about Jennifer Knapp. C'mon, guys... What, you can describe her but not give her name?
  14. Looks pretty amazing... sounds good too. I'm listening as I type. Read about it here. Myspace page here. Download it legally for free here.
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