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    jewish-<br>refugee from religous certainties-<br>still drawn to jesus, where else?-<br>wife and three kids too wonderful to not be terrified by mortality-<br>lived at jpusa commune 18 years-<br>wrote for cornerstone for a while, some good some poor lots to learn-<br>sang and wrote for ballydowse-<br>anarchist but secret admirer of the occasional queen or constitution writer-<br>worked with prison abolitionist Richard Korn-<br>went on sanctions breaking trip to Iraq-<br>found unbelievers like true brothers and sisters that made hell an impossible idea-<br>left commune and now miss mikeh and other friends-<br>traded mike h for german shepherd (no dogs in commune)<br>german shepherd is cuter than mike but fails to understand the link between Lewis. Cassirer, and Barfield as Mike does-<br>love wife and kids-<br>restoring old homes and awaiting a chance to write again though have less to say each day-<br>reshuffle ideas everyday-<br>rebuild them everynight<br><br><br>

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    restore old homes
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    what is an avatar?
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    war of the buttons manon of the spring the mission salem's lot la femme nikita(sp?) germinal the miserables (the one where a jew hiding from the germans reads his savior hugo's great story) Aliens 2 and 3 the little princess road warrior outlaw jose wales i really like films about the polish ghetto uprising
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    angelic upstarts oysterband peter gabriel sam phillips tori amos dylan from desire on bruce cockburn from trouble with normal on shellac the dirty three klezmer that is on the crusty gypsy side not jazzy solace karen casey midnight oil eminem strongarm snapcase ballydowse live only alot of international stuff
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    I am really into Jacques Ellul and Hannah Arendt pretty much any work Also the poetry of Paul Celan Albert Camus' Combat stuff, Resistance,Rebellion, and Death and of course the Plague.Also his plays esp. Caligula and State of Siege Can do without everything before the Fall DeRougemont's The Devil's Share Les Mis. and Notre Dam by Hugo Most Inkling stuff Orwell and Chesterton Strangely Christopher Hitchens though I don't agree often Elie Wiesel - his novels- his political essays I don't care for Lilith NT Wright Walter Benjamin Karl Jaspers
  1. hello just curious here are those expressing skepticism regarding Darwinism speaking of the alledged mechanism for or the very idea of common descent? Common descent seems an awfully good bet from here..... from whales with hips to matching retrovirus inserts in higher primates to the very weight of the fossil records progression.....
  2. Ellul is one of my favorites. The best titles are available on half.com or used book finder He writes in two veins if you are just begining. An excellent intro would be either What I Believe or In Season/Out of Season Then you will find two threads sociology and theology Sociology Most start with Technological Society but it is a bit dated and unless it really grabs you it might be better to start with Autopsy of Revolution or Betrayal of the West. TS is vital to getting Ellul but some never make it past the slog. From there the other two of his soc. greats are Political Illusion and Propagan
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