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  1. Yahoo!! I now have front row tickets to this performance. The Bass Hall is an amazing venue with amazing acoustics and appointments. After 20 years of following her music, I have a chance to see her perform.
  2. "The poor dope - he always wanted a pool. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool."
  3. Oops! I somehow misread the date of his post... I've been a little scatterbrained. She's doing okay at the moment. She had a severe and unexplained seizure during handbell rehearsal shortly after worship on Sunday morning. They haven't been able to figure out what is going on, but she has an appointment to see a neurologist this week to run more tests. And of course, I've been on edge ever since.
  4. Get the 40 GB model like I have... 10,000 songs in your pocket at the turn of a dial! I've only filled up half of the thing, and I have more than 2 weeks worth of music (that's 24/7 folks)! Rumor is, they're coming out with a 60 GB (about 15,000 songs) model this fall.
  5. Infidel! She's currently my favorite cast member. She makes me laugh almost every time she's on camera.
  6. I'm confident it's a Henry Miller book... Specifically, I think it is "The Books in My Life". see: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books A larger shot of the cover: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0811201082...025#reader-link (Sorry I'm not saavy about embedding the hyperlinks in my post! )
  7. Jeffrey Overstreet wrote: : "Thanks to T-Bone Burnett for his generosity." : Hmmm. That's very formal. Is she still listed as "Sam Burnett" in the credits? Not his time. I get the sense that she doesn't always like to tell people that she's married to a very influential producer... folks who don't know any better might think she's a Mariah Carey.
  8. In case you didn't know, you can find audio and video of a performance Sam Phillips gave for KCRW radio yesterday: http://www.kcrw.com/cgi-bin/db/kcrw.pl?sho...tmplt_type=show For what it's worth, she gave a similar performance for Fan Dance about three years ago that may still be in the archive. Happy listening!
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