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    Swordfish, The Patriot, Gladiator, The Abyss, Stargate, Braveheart, National Treasure, The Usual Suspects, Spider-Man, almost any James Bond, Blood In Blood Out, Silverado, Heartbreak Ridge, Unforgiven, Kelly's Heroes, Midway, The Goonies, all Jason Bourne movies, the American Pie movies, and Tyler Perry movies
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    Sara McLachlan, Enya, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Enigma, PM Dawn, basically all 80's music, Paul Oakenfold, Metallica, and a lot of One Hit Wonders
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    Pretty much anything by Dean Koontz, I love Dante's Inferno, Shakespeare, poetry, true crime, and Susan Polis Schultz
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    Ansel Adams, and Anne Geddes
  1. Sorry folks, but I cannot help but notice that nearly everyone who has posted about this movie has something to say about the 'homo' this-that-and-the-other instead of researching about the war and the battle itself. I saw a special on this particular battle several months back on the History Channel, and the mere odds facing the Spartans were so unforgiving, but yet they were defying all and slaughtering the enemy. I am not Pro-War by any means, but I do completely respect the insane odds the Spartans faced and appreciate the level of battle intelligence they displayed. I don't really care if they were homosexual or not, they were well trained, battle hardened, discplined warriors. In today's military, I don't care if I am next to a man or a woman, homosexual or heterosexual, if they are smart, discplined and prepared I will follow them into any foxhole. I do agree with the sentiment that we should give all the love and respect to our troops today, and not hate them, even if we do or do not agree with the war in which they are fighting. I believe the same sentiment is in the bible, "Hate the sin, Love the sinner."
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