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  1. My wife and I are slowly working our way through this series. Episode four's Martin Short appearance had me laughing so hard I almost passed out from lack of oxygen. I still chuckle every time I think of his line delivery and his face! "That's like asking me to choose which of my kids' placentas was more DELICIOUS!" That was also the episode that revealed that Jane Krakowski's character was Sioux, which was hysterical from start to finish. I have not laughed this much in a long, long time.
  2. I feel the same way. A frame story can be lame, or it can be just what it implies - a way to display the beauty of the story inside.
  3. CrimsonLine


    I love that Thomas the Tank Engine is presented in menacing proportions and angles!
  4. And apparently NOTHING in this film will be in color.
  5. But according to an interview Simon Pegg gave on a press junket for Kill Me Three Times, the script isn't even written yet. I'd be psyched to have Elba as a villain (in the right part) but this may just be internet rumormongering.
  6. That's sadly not much more impressive than in the 1994 Fantastic Four film, at least in still form.
  7. I would still love to see Shatner as Kirk in Star Trek 13.
  8. Peter, that round-up was VERY helpful, and I had not thought about the comics at all, but that question is a big one!
  9. Wow - is the old man the narrator of the Little Prince story - the aviator who came across the Prince and tells his story? If so, then the old man *IS* a part of the original story. The stop-motion animation components are breathtaking.
  10. I saw Interstellar yesterday, and liked it a lot. Hey, I have an 8-year-old daughter who is inquisitive and an explorer, and I adore her. Like for Andrew, the father-daughter aspects of this movie hit home for me in powerful ways. Of course, I also have a twelve-year-old son, so like the unnamed critic Peter references, I thought Coop treated his son poorly. Although, he did name the grandson "Coop," so I don't see that he minded all that much. In its grandeur and preference for "hard" sci-fi, Interstellar obviously draws from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Contact. It lacks the frenetic, roller-coaster feeling of Gravity, but deals with similar themes of loneliness and isolation. I guess a big difference there is that Gravity utilizes touches of the Divine to soften the isolation, whereas Interstellar sees no one out there but us, and so the isolation drives its characters crazy. Some of the design elements harken to Star Wars. But the movie I thought of the most in connection with Interstellar is Frequency. Where Frequency was a father-son sci-fi thriller, Interstellar is a father-daughter epic drama. But both rely on time-delayed communications between the father and his child, both deal with characters who grew up without a father and now having the chance to reconnect with him, and both play with questions of watching your kid grow up before your eyes while you stay young. I'm glad I saw it, three-hour runtime notwithstanding. I found the ending dumb and cludgy, but thought most of the film was successful in what it was trying to accomplish.
  11. The first film was nonsensical and incomprehensible. I'm not sure where there is to go from that.
  12. So, one of the pix from the announcement event shows this film as "Captain America: Serpent Society." Any idea why that is?
  13. This is the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, apparently. Wahoo!
  14. That's astounding, Peter. No Star Trek movie has filmed outside of California as far as I know - at least not principle photography. I know Trek VI filmed second unit on a glacier in Greenland, and Trek II/III filmed some second unit in Hawaii. But for the main sets to be filmed outside of Los Angeles - that's a big step.
  15. I asked it here in case it DIDN'T get answered on Facebook.
  16. As a Netflix streaming subscriber, will this film be available to me as part of my subscription, or will they put a mechanism in place where I have to pay extra to see it?
  17. Yeah, the yelling got to me, too. It also looks like in order to emphasize the threat that Goliath is, they have him killing a lot of his own guys - an odd choice. They found a huge guy to play Goliath, but he doesn't seem like much of an actor. Sad, sad.
  18. Looking forward to King of New York. Loved that review!
  19. No, but since he became a DC property, he's often been a member of the Justice League, and is an interesting foil to Superman.
  20. I really enjoyed that, thank you.
  21. This is all fascinating stuff. Thanks, Attica!
  22. CrimsonLine

    Iron Man 4

    Sounds more like a "negotiating tool" statement than anything else...
  23. Yay! That's great news! Although, apparently this film will not tie in to the DC Cinematic Universe...
  24. I'm delighted at this news. Truly delighted.
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