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  1. Sorry to add clutter, but I'm looking forward to helping you all catch up on your animation (since the list seems to be pretty ecumenical). Nearly all of them are short films so they should be easy to watch quickly. That said: 1. When will nominations close? 2. Some of them are a little obtuse. Should I provide brief notes on the directors, links to their other work (that wouldn't count as nominations), and maybe a 1-sentence summary of the films' points? Would that be too time-consuming to be useful?
  2. I didn't contribute since I don't visit often enough to be part of the "community," but this is the best one yet. I wasn't a fan of the last couple (which is not to say, "Waaaah! My opinions are different!", just that the rankings were hard to justify), but you all did brilliantly this time. I appreciate the new additions and exclusions, generally. Stellar work, all! I sent the link to various religion websites.
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