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    2015 lists

    In alphabetical order here are my ten favourite new albums of the past twelve months;Bjork- VulnicuraBlack Rivers s/tColdplay- A Head Full of DreamsDuke Special- Look Out MachinesEditors- In DreamMew +-Muse- DronesNordic Giants- A Seance of Dark DelusionsThe Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus- Beauty Will Save the WorldSteven Wilson- Hand Cannot Erase
  2. Have remained a fan, thought Ghost Stories was one of their best. Found it touched something deep within me. This song does not do the same. Hoping the album is different. Best thing about this is the picture.
  3. chillinrev

    MP3 Me

    Shuffle Along Please Shuffle 1) Future of Forestry- Pie Jesu2) Glasvegas- Euphoria, Take My Hand3) Salem Hill- Let Loose The Arrow4) Manic Street Preachers- Kevin Carter5) The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus- A Crowd of Stars6) Mothlite- The Blood7) Kasabian- Sun Rise Light Flies8) Smashing Pumpkins- Beautiful9) Over the Rhine- Highland County10) The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus- Hymn to Dionysus11) Martyn Joseph- Sing to My Soul12) Big Country- Wonderland13) The Killers- The World We Live In14) U2- Fire15) The Fruitful Earth- Firebird
  4. Gutted to read this today. How can one man go through so much. Mike Peters remains as active and creative today as he has ever been. Seeing him in concert next week at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff. it will be an emotional time now. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/welsh-rocker-mike-peters-reveals-10176593
  5. After nearly going the same way as Cornerstone festival, Greenbelt raised it's head just above the waters and the 2015 Festival went ahead, just on a smaller scale and a lower budget. This meant no big name acts like it had had over the last few years, but many artists that were friends of the Festival. This, in my opinion, had an adverse effect and created a better festival with the heart of Greenbelt restored, rather than Greenbelt trying to be like a bigger Festival. The music programme was still very strong with headline artists being the amazing Duke Special, doing the Under the Dark Clot
  6. chillinrev

    Chrindie 95

    Mercury has just been released on vinyl too. An absolute classic record of the era, as is the Violet's self-titled album.
  7. Having only recently got the album I have to say after a few listens it is one of his best. Now I enjoyed the venturing into sounds of The Age of Adz. But this album is something else. A slow burner, a deep album, one that touches within. It is vulnerable, sad and yet hopeful. A songwriter at the top of his game. A singer at the depth of his emotions. It is beautiful and yet haunting. A contender for album of the year so far.
  8. chillinrev

    MP3 Me

    Amazing that out of all of my music a band appears three times in a shuffle. Mew are incredible. Loving the new album with the great and annoying title +-.
  9. chillinrev

    MP3 Me

    Always like throwing this one back in there; 1) Mike Scott- Long Way to the Light (Bring 'Em All In) 2) Duke Special- Statues (Look Out Machines!) 3) Morrissey- It's Not Your Birthday Any More (Years of Refusal) 4) Florence and the Machines- Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) (Lungs) 5) Mew- Water Slides (+-) 6) Iamthemorning- Reprise of Light no Light (Belighted) 7) Brian Houston- Someday (Sugar Queen) 8) Mew- Intermezzo 1 (No More Stories...) 9) Imagine Dragons- Hear Me (Night Visions) 10) The Proclaimers- Shadows Fall (The Very Best Of...) 11) John Francis- Johnny Cash on the Radio (The Better
  10. I saw you your set at Central Presbyterian Church the other night. Since you write about your upbringing in the church on Sprinter, I found myself wondering what might have been running through your mind at that moment — if you were thinking about all that. I thought a lot about it. I actually really loved it. I loved the opportunity to play in a place that feels like home in a sense. Because I was raised in a church, and I haven’t removed myself completely from that world. I mean, I don’t attend church currently, but I still am a Christ follower. I consider myself to be a God-fearing person,
  11. http://observer.com/2015/05/in-search-of-new-skin-torres-otherworldly-sprinter/ Interesting review/interview where she quotes David Bazan as speaking to people like her.
  12. Have to say I love the new sound, but hey I am a sucker for Coldplay. This is the best song Coldplay have never released. No one would guess who this was if it was played on the radio. Be interesting to see and hear the reaction from long term fans. This is a total re-invention. Quoting Radiohead and Led Zeppelin as influences. Loved it and will follow with interest as the new album approaches.
  13. This looks and sounds amazing... Which I think is part of a tribute to Blind Willie Johnson.
  14. Love the Elemental album. It is certainly one of those that rips you apart at the seems. A very moving and yet satisfactory album, and yet remains one of their least known. A hidden gem.
  15. Don't care if she is collaborating with Suggs, Adam Ant or Salmon Rushdie, I cannot wait to hear the new album.
  16. chillinrev

    Our 2014 lists

    My top ten albums of this year. May call my choices boring and predictable but this is what I have bought and loved this year. 1) Elbow The Take off and Landing of Everything 2) Coldplay Ghost Stories 3) Robert Plant Lullaby And...The Ceaseless Roar 4) Simple Minds Big Music 5) U2 Songs of Innocence 6) Interpol El Pintor 7) Jimi Goodwin Odludek 8) The Call Featuring Robert Levon Been A Tribute to Michael Been 9) Deacon Blue A New House 10) Gazpacho Demon
  17. Interesting to read too that U2 were jealous of Simple Minds when they made New Gold Dream. In interviews at that stage they said they wanted to sound like that. Maybe that was the roots of Achtung Baby, Zooropa and Pop. Adore the early more experimental Simple Minds, beginning to discover their middle period, and now love the new phase and the new album. It is big sounding and I am looking forward to seeing them live for the first time next year.
  18. chillinrev

    MP3 Me

    Time for a new shuffle; 1) Over the Rhine- Circle of Quiet (Patience) 2) Oasis- (Probably) All In The Mind (Heathen Chemistry) 3) Aerogramme- Finding a Light (My Heart Has a Wish that You Would Not Go) 4) Mae McKenna- Cae 'The Ewes (Songs for Luca) 5) The Reindeer Section- Your Sweet Voice (Son of Evil Reindeer) 6) delirious?- Blindfold (Mezzamorphosis) 7) Hawkwind- Silver Machine (Best Prog Rock Ever...) 8) Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill (The Whole Story) 9) Keane- Pretend That You're Alone (Perfect Symmetry) 10) U2- Twilight (Boy) 11) Over the Rhine- Radio Coda (live) (Till We
  19. New and good albums from U2, Simple Minds, Echo and the Bunnymen, the Call, and tours from Big Country and The Alarm show that Big Music is having a bit of a revival. This is confirmed in this article; http://classicrock.teamrock.com/features/2014-06-13/the-return-of-the-big-music.%C2'>
  20. Anyone else a fan out there? Heard a song on the radio at work a couple of months ago and thought, that sounds like Ricky Ross from Deacon Blue. Turns out it was their new single taken from a new album. Deacon Blue seem to be going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and I for one am happy that they have not just settled to playing the hits while out on tour, there is still a creative burst within the band. This album is melodic, it rocks in places, is laid bare in others and deserves a place amongst their better moments. It is clearly Deacon Blue but there is enough to suggest they
  21. Considering the long spaces between their first four albums they are getting very prolific in their old age . Look forward to that.
  22. Listening now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. chillinrev

    MP3 Me

    After nearly two years away here goes a return of the shuffle.... 1) The Buzzcocks- Love You More (No Spitting Compilation) 2) U2- The Playboy Mansion (Pop) 3) The Violet Burning- Imminent Collapse (The Story of Our Lives) 4) The Byrds- Artificial Energy (The Notorious Byrds) 5) Muse- Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) (The Resistance) 6) Ian Anderson- Puer Ferox Adventus (Homo Erraticus) 7) Sex Pistols- Anarchy In The U.K. (The Best of British) 8) Serena Maneesh- Honeyjinx (S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor) 9) Thirteen Senses- In The Crowding (Crystal Sounds) 10) The Jam- Ghosts (Dire
  24. I know this is a bump from a long time ago but this triple album is now available free for a limited time on download. Well worth investigation if you love dark, raw, passionate rock music full of shards of light. And even if you don't give it a go. This is an excellent triple album. http://www.thevioletburning.com/soulfest-download-instructions.htm
  25. Must be a new album in the pipeline again then . A real shame, such passion, chemistry and beautiful music. At least left us with two great albums.
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