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  1. Do remarks like this represent your idea of a Christian attitude toward Bill Maher? Let's just say that I have been kinder to Bill Maher than he has been to Christians. And is it your personal crusade to pick fights with me on this message board? Your nitpicking, petulant, and whiny attitude is one of the reasons I very rarely frequent MBs any more. But whatever makes you feel better about yourself, I reckon.
  2. OK, so when someone sincerely asks you about your critical standards, your response is an off-target ad hominem attack on the questioner. Whatever, man. If you want me to lighten up, I will. In fact, that's my only choice here ... you certainly haven't given me any reason to take you seriously. Aha...keep the day job, mando. You don't have a future in comedy...or even in the art of being drole.
  3. Sorry, "I enjoyed it" doesn't equate to "'Twas well done." One is a subjective response; the other is a critical evaluation. I mean, I saw the new Indiana Jones movie the other night, and I enjoyed it as long as I didn't think critically about how implausible many of its plot points are ... or how Spielberg occasionally gets lazy and substitutes a crotch joke for an action sequence ... or that there really is no metal in gunpowder ... or why the casket's magnetism doesn't attract the barrels of some rifles that are close to it, but does attract the barrels of other rifles that are farther away ... or how the film goes to all the trouble of setting up Mutt's skills with a switchblade, then drops it and makes him do his only significant fight with another weapon. But before I get completely off the subject ... What I'm trying to get at is what standard you're applying to determine that it was well done. Since you're the only person in the thread who seems to think so, I'm curious to know how you go about evaluating something to decide whether it's well done or not. Why is it everytime I post something on a message board, someone like yourself has to come along and over-analyze it till the very lifeblood has been squeezed from it? Methinks you're being just a wee bit petulant, making a big deal about it. In the words of Uncle Hulka, "Lighten up, Francis."
  4. I too play Diplomacy but online (http://www.floc.net/dpjudge/). What a great game, it is like chess only times 7! I wonder if there might be 7 of us here on A&F and we could do a private game? I've been playing Madden NFL 2009. After a hard day, it helps take the edge off.
  5. I saw this pageantry you speak of in a church I formerly attended. 'Twas well done. Being a Lifehouse fan, this is icing on the cake.
  6. Let me guess this straight...this old, washed-up pothead "finds religion wanting"? What a sorry excuse of a joke of a man he is. Mr. Maher, you have been weighed in the scales, and are found wanting.
  7. Good timing, noticing this thread and all. I just got a 2006 Hyundai Elantra. This life-change was way overdue.
  8. Oh well. As long as it's well-made, I don't really care when it's released. No rush jobs, please.
  9. Would that be Eric Wilson, author of the pending Jerusalem Undead vampire series?
  10. No, not the Lennon song. This one is a Lucinda original, written (and later rejected) during the recording of 1992's Sweet Old World. There are a few really good moments on the new album. The raw and very sexual "Honey Bee" is steamy and great, and the "you're a jerk/no, you're a jerk" duet with Elvis Costello on "Jailhouse Tears" is superb. But overall, this one isn't doing it for me. A few other 2008 discs come to mind: The 77s- Holy Ghost Building Andy Hunter- Colour Asia- Phoenix Edison Glass- Time Is Fiction Eowyn- Silent Screams Ivoryline- There Came A Lion Larry Norman- Rebel Poet, Jukebox Balladeer: The Anthology Leeland- Opposite Way Sarah MacIntosh- The Waiters, The Watchers, The Listeners, The Keepers, & Me Secret & Whisper- Great White Whale Showbread- Anorexia & Nervosa
  11. Exactly. Much like daddy James's hatchet-job...er, I mean, performance of Ronald Reagan not too long ago.
  12. Yeah, I saw that. Remember, like Patrick Buchanan said, "Christian-bashing is a popular indoor sport." Deep in their hearts, these powers-that-be know that Christians won't threaten to decapitate/immolate them if their faith is threatened. If these producers truly had any intestinal fortitude, they should portray Islam in a completely negative light...the death threats from groups sympathetic to Al Qaeda and Hamas (etc.) would roll in. Yes, because there are no Christian terrorist organizations. Unless the show was arguing that the crazy pastor was interpreting the Bible correctly? It not really that big of a deal. Christian extremists can easily be just as dangerous as any other kind of extremist. This is a stretch, and a cheap shot by the Law & Order peeps IMO. It's PC to bash Christians, and not acceptable to bash (especially post 9/11) the more fundy wing of Islamic violence, whose deeds have been off the chart since then. :rolleyes:
  13. I'm actually about a quarter of the way through Jayber Crow, and I agree wholeheartedly. What an amazing, stirring book. I also just started Kevin Baker's Paradise Alley, the second in his NYC/fire-themed books. I also hope to dig into H.W. Brands (I think that's the name) biography on Andrew Jackson soon. Also, I finished J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey. Loved it. I never made it all of the way through Catcher in the Rye, if only because it reminded me of every self-absorbed, angsty teen I've ever met. But these two stories were very moving, very well-written and very thoughtful. Heh...I saw a copy of Catcher in the workplace the other day. How I made it all the way through that tome of utter narcissistic pablum, is beyond my comprehension. 8O
  14. The aforementioned domain name has apparently NOT been secured by the album's staff, but that's alright. Just knowing that the next U2 disc should feature 13 jamming tracks is enough to make me drool. ::w00t::
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