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  1. Let me put in my vote for "Messiah on the Frigidaire". I've seen it twice. Once at a community theatre and once at a college (Winthrop University) as a student directorial project. It has some nice Baptist jokes (I'm a Baptist and wasn't offended) and it is definitely not something you would see in church, But once you get past the set up (Image of Jesus on a refrigerator in a trailer park) it is really a very positive narrative on true faith and Gods mysterious ways. But more than just a religious examination, it is at its heart a love story. I thoroughly enjoyed both productions. I actually have a copy of the play if you want to borrow it to read. I know Samuel French is the publisher, but you can get even more information at a website I found for the play. Here's the link Messiah on the Frigidaire Tell me where to send you my copy of the play and I'll put it in the mail. All I ask is that you return it. Will Oh by the way, it's VERY funny.
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