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    Jim and e2c, Thanks. Who is the normal techie person from the arts and faith side of things though? B/c w/ my earlier probs, it seems that's where Greg wanted to direct me. Emily, yeah, I normally copy. I don't know why I didn't this time (especially after one not taking, but I guess I thought it just might take awhile to show up, as on some boards they screen your responses). I'll probably just try posting in visual art again someday. I thought perhaps the different categories needed to be individually unlocked for a contributor. And this is why I stopped trying. Obviously, I've been able to post in the "About" section. So that much is working, and from what you say, it sounds like this board may just have some "off" days. Jim, I remember commenting on one of your paintings actually--Jesus at temple/school. MUCH to like in content and technique!!! And it reminded me a bit of murals in Latin America (when I was in Iquitos, Peru... I searched in vain online for further examples of the paintings that had interested me--our loss). I found the choice of border fascinating for gentle contrast (and for its upstaging up top)--got me thinking about the Garden of Eden too... the dim echo reverberating, the splash of color in the florals/fruit of an otherwise muted border calling forth the interior light. However, I am more an appreciator than a knowledgeable contributor. Although I do believe (when money and general situation permits) that I may get (back) into amateur nature photography someday, my abilities in the visual arts are generally lacking. I write poetry and such. It seems, however, out of what is most actively engaged on this board, browsing the visuals might be what draws me back. Best, Deb
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    Ok, so this is rather off topic for this thread if not for its title, but I've had a lot of troubles with this board. Two in-depth comments of paintings (weeks ago, would no longer be able to replicate what I said) refused to take, and I also seem unable to start topics, at least in some sections. I don't know what's up w/ that. And frankly, I may not be taking further time at this point to experiment. But I wanted to let the powers that be know that perhaps some of us IMAGE folk who have tried to integrate are having big troubles. Best, D
  3. I like this very much, Jim!!! Idea and execution. It reminds me somewhat of murals one might see in Latin America. Also, the garden background which you use adds interest, contrast, and almost a texture--perhaps pointing back to our intended garden in Eden? The way the central canvas stands "in front" of the florals along with the shaft of light really make the painting grab your eyes. Pleased to meet you, Deborah
  4. I like this very much, Jim!!! Pleased to meet you, Deborah
  5. Well, I imagine Greg and whoever else is making decisions have taken some cues from years of moderation and forum hopping, and I'm happy leaving their decision alone (even if I see points to both sides). I'm certainly uneager to revivify a political board. I've not come across a board yet where I found the political discussion healthy. And I'm fine with contextualizing religious discussion to the arts as long as the bunnies don't go running far too long (and then, might they not be taken to private message?). I sort of like religion sections, little tastes of them, but as I think one person mentioned, I would waste far too much time there. And I've come to the conclusion (God help me, I think I may get an MDiv at a snooty place someday) that a lot of religious debate these days just makes my stomach turn, as passionate as I can be on some topics (circle back to the taking far too much of my time comment). Also, I imagine there is someplace on this board (?) where we just post little questions/announcements/have drinks at the pub (i.e.--"I am looking for someone who can make heads or tails out of Barth for private chat"). Maybe this would be the 10 day section for those who are able to post there (I currently find that I am blocked from starting topics anywhere)? What I really came on here to say is that this is a dizzying place to orient oneself too. I think somewhere along the way I've seen book discussions and writing prompts (though I never could figure out what the assignment was, just that there had been one... like everyone was talking in mysterious code about "the way things go" here). Of course, this will probably all seem very simple in a week, whatever week I manage to spend more time on here (I write poetry, and I have been a very off and on participant lately at a poetry board which I used to be very devoted to and that also just revamped its site; I think I need to focus my time back there). Thanks for the welcome, Cunningham and Greg. Fresh inspiration to all! Deborah
  6. Paul, I find points of interest in the first (e.g., "Eve and her mourning were the ninth day" would be interesting to play with; another thing I would say when working with form--which, as a caveat, I RARELY do--is to make sure that the form is not dictating the stresses and sounds but that you are using it, even when corrupting it, to make the material even better... to mimic the sense of the material or to surprise us). The second seems storngest in sound and sense. I adore that final line, and I like what it encapsulates of the poem: this fix on gravity (and, really, largely the gravity of the speaker in the relational limitations he finds with her) that pretends to be a more somber note than the celebrations of romantic poets but which rises to grand exaltation much the same. The poem is trying to say, I am a realist, and it is not always easy, always close. But still, reality is otherworldly: ineffable and great. Oh, I would say, "No other star can lure me LIKE her pull"? My 2, Deb
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