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  1. He's got a point, I think. And I have a film for him to make. D. Keith Mano has written some rather wierd books, but the one I am thinking of is an offbeat crime novel that I lent out years ago and have not gotten back. Striptease seems so Carl Haaison. So I'm not sure of the title. Episcopalian priest in Nebraska, beginning to experience a crisis of faith gets an emergency plea for help from his sister in Queens, New York, NY. Help with the family business and family itself. Turns out that the business is a smalltime strip club and sis is nowhere to be found. He decides to run the place 'til she gets back. He struggles to regain his spiritual footing, feels pressure from the mob to let them in the business. Sister's whereabouts turn into a mystery caper. Good book. Would make an offbeat movie with an underlying spiritual theme.... Take it away, Dallas.
  2. Talk about your minorities. I am the only fan, it seems, of both Norm and Fey/Fallon (I prefer her name first as she outranks him as head writer, and I suppose, the cause of all of this in this thread....) Never really liked Stewart 'til his present gig. Great quote. FWIW, the Guest/Crystal gang was only supposed to be one year and the critics loved that year to death. SNL sunk again with the followup cast, one of the worst. Never got back on its feet again 'til the Hartman, Dunn, Hooks, Carvey, Miller gang came on (Carvey's best bit IMO was his sendup of Perot's infommercial in '92 where he tried to negotiate presidential salary based on a commission rate tied to GNP). Looking back, THAT cast from about '88 into the mid-'90's was the best of all as an ensemble. Forget the nostalgia for the original cast. I am tired of reading the suck up. Only Ackroyd and Murray have any real chops post-SNL. Even Belushi was off and on outside the show.
  3. Oh! THAT'S just great. Now we'll have OBESE starving children. Have you no shame?
  4. Jeffrey: EXCELLENT list. I won't quibble with Sandler, but I feel the lack of Anna Gasteyer and Nora Dunn rather deeply (Dunn's "Babbette", French Spokeskitten alone enshrines her. Just about my favorite bit ever). Phil Hartman for greatest castmember and Murray as pen-ultimate. Oh, and Josh: Yes to Carvey. Wonderful on the show, but WHAT HAPPENED?
  5. Quinn was the worst of all. Including Chase. Period. Fey and Fallon at least understand that they are "newscasting" and incorporate their schtick into the form. The above two never bothered with such limitations and it was irritating. I thought that it started to be funny when Chase left. Think of it: Trading Chase for Bill Murray! I'd always do that deal, day in and day out. It has lost it's way for some time now, allowing sketches to go on and on (that were probably poor in concept anyway). Maybe they'll perk up again as the political season gets hot. I think that Fall '00 was the last really consistent strong period.....
  6. Cool. It still concerns me, though, that folks can get so hot to trot over fragments! And those fragments are pumped up by news accounts of private sneak previews too. I am becoming suspicious of the blind buildup for this film. Release it already.
  7. You are NOT a turd, at least in this instance, 8) or insensitive at all. One cannot account for someone elses emotional reaction to stimuli. Witness the debate over Val Kilmer in the Kevin Costner thread, for example. Deliberately shutting off while watching a clip is also perfectly defensible and I can understand why you might want to do that. What is on shakier ground is the jumping to spiritual ecstacy on evidence of press releases, news accounts of reactions, and a short film clip of anything. SOMEBODY must have swooned over Gigli before it was released. For me, I don't know yet if this film is going to work. I haven't seen it yet. I say, hang in there and do what you have to do to give a fair accounting of what you choose to see.
  8. The great thing about Altman is that there IS no heresy with him. It matters not that some won't stand him (I was shocked that The Babe liked Gosford). I HATE M*A*S*H and love A Wedding, for example. Birthdates, I think, are irrelevant. I don't really know (or didn't when I first saw each of the thread films) many of the characters in either film, but came to know them through the experience. Not too many directors have that ability, IMO. I was born in '53.
  9. The great thing about Altman is that there IS no heresy with him. It matters not that some won't stand him (I was shocked that The Babe liked Gosford). I HATE M*A*S*H and love A Wedding, for example. Birthdates, I think, are irrelevant. I don't really know (or didn't when I first saw each of the thread films) many of the characters in either film, but came to know them through the experience. Not too many directors have that ability, IMO. I was born in '53.
  10. Yes. He was excellent. Just about everyone was excellent in that film too. Bull Durham, Tin Cup, and OK, A Perfect World are just about as good as anyone could be. Didn't think much of Wyatt Earp other than Quaid.
  11. Well, in my heh,analysis of the second on thefilmforum, I suggested that if they could keep it fresh, there'd be untold possibilities for sequals, "American Pie 5: The Divorces" would have been jumping the shark. Was it Ebert & Roeper who suggested (in what they seemed to bill as an unprecidented 2nd week followup tease) that a good "4" would be Willard and Levy cut loose getting ready for their grandkid. FWIW, at the end of "2", Jim ditches Nadia for reasons other than horniness, though unstated, for Michelle. Taken as an organic whole, I see the "horniness" as a byproduct of some (nerdy?) compatibility that they have.
  12. But my favorite Kevin Costner Western has always been, and remains, Silverado. Now, there's a Western! I wouldn't exactly call it a Costner western. There were too many really good performances in that movie. Even the sheriff of Turly was fun. Silverado is SEVERELY underrated.
  13. I like what you say here, but I have also fallen under the spell of these flicks. Levy has always been an earnest and loving island of sorts in the mayhem of these things. I think he is never better than in this installment. I found myself constantly checking for Jim's Dad's reaction whenever he was in the scene. Ditto Willard. Been a fan since "Fernwood Tonight". I almost walked out during Stifler's early scenes, but enjoyed his attempts at nice guy stuff. Ironically, I got the impression that the Frodo reference went right over Stifler's head. What I've wanted all along, though was more focus on Finch. He seemed just as befuddled as everyone else, but was way more imaginative at getting in and out of trouble. They say that "Wedding" is the conclusion, but I would love to see "American Match" as the securely wedded couple attempt to find a mate for Finch as all freshly wedded couples seem feel is their duty to rescuable single friends (Stifler is beyond hope and should only be kept within striking distance for his inherited wealth). I tended to set aside the schizo nature of this installment because of the nature of much of the extremes. It has been my contention from the beginning that the over the top bawdiness disguises a soft hearted attempt to show the folly of adolescent obsession with sex. The spiritual heart of the films has been Jim and Michelle from 2 on. I was quite moved by Jim's last minute switch from Nadia to Michelle after a summer long buildup. It seemed so uncommomly clearheaded of him that it had the affect of a sort of conversion as opposed to something out of character from out of nowhere.
  14. Thanks, Jeffrey, for the thread. One last thing about the "younger woman" question, for purposes of the film that caused all of this: Biggs and Ricci are NOT all that far apart in age. Biggs came top life in '78, Ricci in '80. There is a limit to the believability of their screen ages. As to Allen's failings as a filmmaker, I dunno. I thought that Jade Scorpion was on a par with much of his second rung stuff, as well as Manhattan Murder Mystery.
  15. Saw an extended trailer for this last night, starring Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci. Seems like his dithering personna has been de-nebbishified (don't you just love the manufacturing possibilities of the English language?) and stuck inside a female character. Anybody seen/read much about this yet? Concept seems to be, guy has an eternal crush on girl. Girl thinks it and he are cute. Wierd, bi-polar relationship ensues.
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    Should that not be "pwease"? Otherwise, I don't get it. :roller:
  17. Should have thoght of that. He seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. Heard from him twice in 4 months.
  18. I am about to be dragooned into heading up the "Vintage Film"committee of the Woodward Film Society (Woodward is THE main drag around here). I only mentioned that I wanted us to have such a committee. Anyone have any tips, roledexes, and such about acquiring real prints? Projection will be state of the art. Just asking: Is it possible to project DVD and video through film projection?
  19. OK Dale, I'm hooked. Do you accept PayPal? How can we arrange for a copy to be in my hot liile hands?
  20. An almost forgotten film from the early '80's on race, buat particularly on self-identity relative to race is A Soldier's Story. I come back to this flick rather often as there are excellent performances all around. Sadly, three of the principals (Larry Riley, Adolph Ceasar, and Howard Rollins) as well as Trey Wilson are all gone. I was this close to "cineaste". Now I'm a newbie :evil:
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