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    The Passion Of The Christ, Friday The 13th Movies, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Pump Up The Volume, Twin Peaks Show, Fire Walk With Me, Heathers, Monster, David (Ted Turner Version) The Straight Story, Empire Of The Sun, and many others.....
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    Kim Clement, Nirvanna, Madonna, POD, Bon Jovi, Emeniem, Elvis, The Beatles, Micheal W Smith, Techno, Dance, Prophetic, Twin Peaks Sound Track, Fire Walk With Me Sound Track, NIN, and others....
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    The Bible, Stephen King, John Steinback, Laura's Diary from Twin Peaks.....

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  1. From Reel To Deal by Dov S- S Simens Persistence of Vision by Dale Newton and John Gaspard How To Shoot A Feature Film For 10,000 and Not Go To Jail by Bret Stern
  2. Yeah, to me the Passion works like a reverse Slasher movie. LOL, I know it is a lot more than that. What I mean is in the slasher movies you are seeing through the eyes of the killer. In the Passion Of The Christ, you feel like you are being murdered! When Jesus his hit you feel the blows as well. In the slasher movies it is more like how cool it was to see the guy's head explode.
  3. Magnolia: (through out) The Color Purple when Whoopie meets her family for the first time, The Straight Story When the two brothers reunite, Empire Of The Sun, when the kid is reunited with his Mom and Dad.
  4. What kind of gifts are you talking about? If you mean gifts of the Spirit. I think Twin Peaks show would be a good one to show the gift of a Seer and dreams and visions, war fare, demons and stuff like that. If you are talking about natural gifts. I think that The Lord Of The Ring movies and the X-Men movies are great ideas.
  5. Braveheart

    Before Sunset

    Anyone seen it? I thought it was great.
  6. I have only been once. I think it was 2001. What was werid is that I happen to run into an old man at Mardi Gras a few years later. At Cornerstone he was passing out the Cornerstone Magazine and at Mardi Gras he was passing out tracts. It just seemed strange to run into him like that.
  7. Oh yeah, And I really liked Bubba Ho-Tep!
  8. I see Priest as being anti-Catholic, but I also feel it has one of the best scenes of forgivness I have ever seen in a movie in my life. I don't think The Magdalene Sisters is anti-Catholic. I think it is just anti-cruel. I think it is a movie of how people can abuse other people when they are in power position to do so. In the movie it just happens to be priest or nuns, but it could have been anyone. I am not sure about Saved. I would have to watch it again. In some way I see it kind of like Network, but in another way it seems to be saying you be anything you want as long as your not a Christian. I have never seen Inherit The Wind.
  9. I like both Howard Stern and Benny Hinn.
  10. Here are some links you may want to vist. www.truby.com, www.actoneprogram.com, http://www.18minutefilmschool.com, I have more posted at http://www.consumingfire.com/members.htm Also, buy Dov's book from Reel To Deal. Hope this helps. God Bless, Kevin
  11. It is his movie blog on his website. It is www.godawa.com
  12. Contact your local film commision and ask for a copy of the film directory in the largest city near you. If you have film schools close by go and put your information up. Most schools have some kind of board to post things. Join film clubs on the web. Another thing is buy Dov's book From Reel To Deal. It will teach you everything you want to know about getting a film made. God Bless, Kevin
  13. I have not read Godawa's book. I have read some of it and have enjoyed it. I don't agree with him on all things but I agree with him on some. I've talked to him over email before and he seems like a really nice guy. Although I do feel like he needs to take a chill pill on some of his movie reviews, like the reviews of Saved, Kill Bill, and the Bourne Supremacy LOL.
  14. Some horror movies that have really impacted me are as follows: Halloween, Jaws, Friday The 13th movies, Interview With A Vampire, The Passion Of The Christ, Twin Peaks Series, Twin Peaks Show, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Frakenstein, Gremlins, American Werewolf In London, Return Of The Living Dead, Nightmare On Elm Street, Silence Of The Lambs, Jurassic Park, The Blair Witch Project and others....
  15. I think horror movies are the kind of movies that Christians should be making. I think horror movies are a great way to show life and death, love and hate. I would like to see more Epic Horror movies.
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