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    During daylight hours I am confined to a small cramped cubicle cranking out financial reports and other data for a large managed care company. <br><br>At night I emerge and become a writer, director, actor, singer, graphic artist, web site designer, community theater junkie, husband, and father of two teenage girls (graps head and screams as in "Home Along").

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  1. My daughter just auditioned at a couple of acting conservatories where they asked for two monologues. They wanted one classic, one contemporary. One comic, one dramatic. She chose Blanche in "Streetcar..." telling Stella off about losing the family fortune. That was a really powerful piece, but it was only about 1:20. The comic/classical piece was from Molere's "The Misanthrope." There are a lot of short (under 1:30) "little speeches" in Molere's plays. She chose this from about 5 that she was considering. So, those are some thoughts. Most of the online searches I have gone through follow At
  2. An interesting parallel thread going on over at Christianity.com The Difference Between Art and Pornography
  3. The quiz was a big hit at the party but only for laughs. Most of the cast was under 40 and had no clue on 75% of it (They couldn't even get the Doris Day question - sheezz) The director was the winner - I presume because he actually researched some of this stuff before hand. His prize was a jar of Postum Hope this was a nice distraction
  4. Just got done doing sound for a production of "Bye Bye Birdie". I always hear criticism of the show because of all the cultural references that are obscure to us now. I decided to turn that on its ear. So - here is the "Birdie Cultural Trivia Quiz" I am going to present to the cast at the cast party. (The winner gets a jar of "Postum"). Thought the visitors here might enjoy it as well. No cheating (like I had to) by googling the answers (boy is that a current cultural reference). Answers are on the attached document. If you have anything to add, I would love to hear it. [NOTE - this of course
  5. and two ancillary roles - butler and maid or whatever servant genders you want to cast.
  6. I did tech for a community theater production of GF. Since we are a Christian group, we sought and received permission from Neil Simon to change some of the language. Usually he won't allow that but it seems God interveened on our behalf. Even his lawyer couldn't believe he would let us change the script. At any rate, it is a pretty good show. It is kind of part Job and part prodigal son.
  7. Wow - what a great thread. I agree with most of the difficulties listed above reconciling the garden scene with the Jesus portrayed in scripture. So, I'll leave that alone. Two other things I found troublesome in the play and, to change tone, several things I found encouraging. 1. Jesus line to the disciples at the arrest is one of the furthest from reality I can think of "Don't you know that it's all over It was nice but now it's gone Why are you obsessed with fighting? Stick to fishing from now on" I don't think anyone believes Jesus thought that "it
  8. I assume you won't accept anything that isn't new as moving the art form foward so - OK - you asked for it. For those who don't think works by Shakespeare, Moliere, Gilbert and Sullivan, Niel Simon, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Lyric Arts has performed works by all these) can move the art form forward, here are some of the current productions in Mpls and St. Paul theaters that aren't so tried and true. After that is a list of the performance oriented shows from the 2004 MN Fringe Festival. Note how many of these are original works (including most of the fringe festival) and regional, national, or wor
  9. I'd like to chime in on the general question. "Is theater dead?" Well, not here in the Twin Cities in Minnesota! The Gutherie and Chanhassen Dinner theater continue to sell out all the time. We have The State and Orpheum theaters constantly bringing touring shows in. Minneapolis is the birth place of the tremenduosly successful show "Triple Espresso!" which still is selling out here going into it's like, tenth year. Hey City Theater continues to run successful shows like "Momma Mia" and "Forever Plaid". The Children's Theater Company is nationally recognized for their work. Dudly Riggs Brave N
  10. Three resources: http://www.dramatix.org/ - over 750 free scripts! http://www.fea.net/bobsnook/ - over 920 free scripts!! http://www.dramashare.org/ - over 1000 scripts!!! nominal charge The vast majority of scripts are sketches (5-10 min) and I would say at least 40% meet your criteria thematically. You will best be the judge of that. Many can be adapted to youth and some are specifically directed to youth. They also have a limited selection of longer pieces all the way up to full length musicals. Also check out lillenas drama at http://www.lillenasdrama.com (you will be redirected to the
  11. I am a director for an arts ministry that provides resources and information to Christian artists. One of the areas we address is the application of theater arts in the church. Our audience is the actors, writers, and directors of drama ministries within local churches. We have been frustrated that we could not find an online forum where these people could go to ask practical questions about applying the theater arts in their churches. I'm thinking we may have found our answer here! Would it be safe to say that the forum membership includes a significant subset of actors and directors who are
  12. I just joined this forum and am always interested in Christian perspectives on JCC. Hopefully your still hanging around here Jason. Can you give some details on your "tweeks"? I have discussed doing this show with the artistic director at a local community theater but he just can't see any way he could do it and still feel right about it. Did you do anything with "Gethsemane"? To me, that and the arrest are the two most out of character songs for Jesus and I can't see any way to play them that gets around the lyrics. Did you do anything at the end of "The Temple" where Jesus tells the leper
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