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    Ambient Metal

    Funny, but what else do you call something like Sunn O)))?
  2. Chadb

    Big Rock Playlist

    If you like Paul Rogers how about his band before Bad Company, Free. Try "Fire and Water" or "Wishing Well." He really is one of rocks great vocalists. Fun Fact: I used to live next to Paul Rogers manager.
  3. Chadb


    Well, I grew up loving horror films. Some of my early film memories involve Saturday afternoon creature features with my mom. Godzilla. Hammer films. The such. I grew older and learned to love many other genre of film, but horror always had a hold over me. Maybe because I grew up in the church and horror is the only genre that consistently takes the supernatural seriously. But, with the recent wave of torture horror (or porn), I to have been disturbed. Watching the movies with and audience was soul destroying. The clapping and hooting during human suffering was disturbingly informative. I be
  4. Chadb

    Come Early Morning

    I watched it last night. It was alright, if a little Lifetime-y. It had a fine cast that puts in yeoman's work. As far as the minister in the film, the actor (Ray McKinnon) also played the epileptic minister in the first season of Deadwood.
  5. Chadb

    The Hills Have Eyes

    What do you dislike about The Dead Zone? I happened to watch it again last night and think it fits very well with Cronenberg's themes even though he was a hired hand. The film is incredibly sad and I also think it's Walken's best performance (well, excluding Annie Hall). I agree with you about Santa Sangre. I heard rumors that Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain will be coming to DVD this year, that would be my most anticipated by far if the rumor is true.
  6. Chadb

    The Hills Have Eyes

    As well it should not be a respected form of cinema. It's low culture. That's its beauty. As Fulci once said "The genre [horror] is a ghetto." I guess I'd compare it to punk rock. It's crude, simple and almost anyone can do it (and do it poorly). But when done well it provides a rush that other genre's just can't. My love of horror movies (and it pretty much is just horror movies, I haven't read a horror novel since high school) is that at its best it's a form of pure cinema. An absolutely ridiculous film like Raising Cain has glorious moments of imagination visually. It's from watching the E
  7. Chadb

    The Hills Have Eyes

    Hmm, how do you feel about Argento? Have you seen any of the old Hammer films? Any Val Lewton stuff? Just some thoughts from the films you listed. I have to say I'm intrigued by the idea of only theoretically liking a genre. This is just a new wave of splatter films, heck if you want to see a true splatter film check out oscar winner Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. That's splatter for you. This would era would probably be properly called torture cinema and smarter people than me could draw parallels to certain world events and the horror cinema that is touching a popular nerve.
  8. Chadb

    The Hills Have Eyes

    So did you like it? If you really, really want to be angry watch the director's French film "High Tension." It has the most improbable twist that I can recall in recent cinema. Just to get a reading, what horror films do you like? Recommendations could come from knowing where you're coming from.
  9. Chadb

    Inspirational Horror

    Did you know that this movie is being remade (actually "updated," according to the studio behind the new version)? I just received one of the most disturbing, and, I would argue, tasteless press releases I've ever seen: I did know they were remaking it. From the trailer it looks like they were sensitive to Ebert and reversed the gender on the truck pull apart scene (see Ebert's incensed review of the original). I dunno, it will probably be a horrible film but I've been surprised before (Dawn of the Dead remake). Also, I would love, love, love to be killed on film. If I'm allowed to let t
  10. Chadb

    New Stuff Worth Hearing

    Thom (or anyone else) Have you heard the new Converge album. I think it's amazing, it might be neck and neck with Jane Doe after my first few listens. Has a really interesting sequencing with the first five tracks just rocketing by, none over a minute and a half, then the great title track, followed by an almost 10 minute long doom like track. Really great stuff. And to anyone with a passing interest in country music, I highly recommend then new Alan Jackson album. It's country soul, like if The Isley Brothers wanted to make a country album.
  11. Chadb


    Maybe this is my own hang up, but even the worst horror movie I can walk out of feeling that it was at its base merely artifice. I feel much worse watching a documentary like PBS 'Country Boys' (which is terrific) because it's using someone's real life and pain as entertainment. I feel conflicted in this because at the end of the day, nothing was make believe, unlike even the worst "horror porn."
  12. Chadb

    Best of 2005?

    Wow! Thom Jurek with Sunn 0))). There wasn't a single person on this board I would have guessed was into Sunn 0))). My favorite listening experience this year was listening to Sunn 0))) new album and Sigor Ros new one back to back. Like the perfect journey from dark to light. The Opeth album is amazing as well. My own personal top 3 would be 3 - Opeth - Ghost Reveries 2 - Hight on Fire - Blessed Black Wings 1- Crooked Fingers - Dignity and Shame
  13. Well, since the Exorcist II: The Heretic is being discussed I thought I might post a review by a guy named Mike Sutton who's opinions I always found interesting. I don't know what happend to Mike, he dropped off the internet a few years ago. Mike really liked The Exorcist II and wrote a tremendous review of it. It caused me to reassess my feelings on the movie (which I hated). I still don't think the movie is very good but in light of Mike's review I do find it more of a curiosity rather than an outright faliure.
  14. Chadb

    Inspirational Horror

    I think horror movies are the closest thing to pure cinema. Large segments of the movie can be told without dialouge and you can go crazy with the camera in ways that would be distracting in a drama or comedy. A few of my favorites that haven't been mentioned: Exoricist III The Eye Return of the Living Dead Curse of the Demon Tenebre Deep Red The Beyond Dead Ringers Hellraiser Near Dark The Hitcher The Stepfather Company of Wolves Woman in Black The Vanishing (original version) Cat People (the 40's version)
  15. I'm a little late replying to this (I've been offline with computer problems for over a month), but I think The Shield is the best thing on television right now (although I do enjoy Deadwood quite a bit as well). The fact that they are able to juggle so many characters and storylines week in and week out is amazing.
  16. Well, 28 Days Later isn't technically a zombie film, so if people are sticklers for their zombie movies, Dawn would win. Also, 28 Days Later spent alot of time exploring mans inhumanity to man while Dawn got straight to the zombie munching, so that could be another reason.
  17. I watched this last night. Jeffrey, you were too kind to this movie. As an afficionado of bad horror movies it was a delight but as a competent movie it was a unmitigated failure. It was like a christian Scooby-Doo episode. I guess if you're a christian kid who's never seen a horror movie you might get some jumps out of it, but I've seen better stuff on public access. The fun of horror movies is that you have carte blanche to play with the camera and lighting as much as you want, but this is shot like and after-school special. Also, Peretti's line readings made me long for the sublty of Eddie
  18. So many great one's already mentioned, I'll try to pick some off the wall ones: Jaws - Robert Shaw's speech about the USS Indianapolis Robocop- Kurwood Smith as the ultimate nerdy bad guy. "Can you fly, Bobby?" The Warriors - Sitting on the subway the disheveled Warriors sit regrouping from a long night. A group of kids get on the subway coming home from a dance in their tuxedo's and fancy dresses. The one girl with the Warriors begins to feel akward in the rich kids presence and tries to clean herself off and piece together her ripped dress. Michael Beck reaches over and grabs her ha
  19. I wasn't trying to bag on anyone in this group necessarily. I guess I've just been thinking lately that you get a better barometer of people's film taste by the "bad" films people like than the good. For example, anyone can say they like Citzen Kane, The Searchers or Raiders of the Lost Ark. That doesn't really mean anything. You're supposed to like those films and on the whole almost everyone does. But say you also like (and I don't mean ironically) Zardoz, Exorcist II or The Butterfly Effect that really means something. It tells me something about your tastes. It shows where exactly you don'
  20. I'll post here since the other Butterfly Effect thread is locked. In regards to the idea that a movie is not worth seeing because critics by in large have panned it, I have to disagree. Many movies are panned at the time of their release and go on to attain cult followings and later some even become canonized classics. Vertigo and The Wild Bunch come to mind. I'm not saying that The Butterfly Effect is this type of movie (I haven't even seen it) but the idea that critics are the end all be all of whether or not a movie is worth seeing irks me a bit. I know someone who only sees movies based on
  21. I'd heard about this movie (actually 3 short films) about 10 years ago in Film Threat magazine and finally found it on tape. It
  22. This is one of my favorite forgotten gems of the 80's and I was happy to see it finally came to DVD on Tuesday. William Peterson gives a great performance as Richard Chance a thrillseeking Secret Service agent (Peterson cornered the market on intense federal agents with this movie and Manhunter) who's out to avenge the death of his partner by the hands of the sociopathic counterfeiter/artist Ric Masters (Willam Defoe). Chance teams up with a straight arrow agent Vukovich (John Pankow) who's at odds with Chance's 'by any means neccessary' style. There are some show stopping moments in William F
  23. My $0.02 Marshall Crenshaw - Someday, Someway Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' El Debarge - Stay with me Waterboys - Whole of the Moon Prince - When You Were Mine Split Enz - Six Months in a Leaky Boat Van Halen - Unchained The Jam - Bitterest Pill Willie Nelson - Hand on the Wheel Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers Del Shannon - Runaway Blasters - Red Rose Smiths - There is a Light that Never Goes Out Buck Owens - Act Naturally Screaming Trees - Dollar Bill ZZ Top - Just Got Paid George Jones - A Picture of Me Without You Sam Cooke - Change i
  24. Well, I kind of grew up with rap music, Raising Hell by RUN DMC was the first album (or tape, I should say) that I ever owned. Have you only heard recent rap music or some older stuff as well? Repetitive how exacty? The Ramones tended to be repetitive. Most pop music tends to be repetitive. Rap music tends to be party music. It's meant to move your feet. In that sense it doesn't pay to be to complex. Mindless? Depends on who you listen to. Lyrically, if you don't know the culture, some of it's not going to make any sense. But I'd argue that Chuck D, early Ice Cube and Biggie Smalls even Jay-Z
  25. I have a good friend who happens to have started a new band recently. He gave me a 3 song demo and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the songs. He put the songs up on the bands website and now anyone can listen to them at: http://mercir.com It's king of a Radiohead/Bjork type thing.
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