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    Peter, did you realize that it is YOUR name by the copyright at the end of this review? "
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    Darrel, were you surprised at this quote from Hansard? It seems to me to be nearly the exact opposite of the point the film was making (if the film was making any point at all). "I believe that if joy exists between two people, let it happen. If it stops existing, split up. It's the bottom line: Wherever magic exists, follow it. I think if you're open to that kind of thing in your life, your life will be filled with magic. If you're about commitment and if you're about logic, then your life will be filled with commitment and logic." Irglova's quotes seem more consistent with the film; as
  3. amcoffin


    One additional note: I also just discovered that much Hansard and The Frames' music is available on eMusic, including, "The Swell Season," an album Hansard recorded with his costar from Once, Marketa Irglova, in 2006. "This Swell Season" has, I believe, four songs which overlap with the Once soundtrack. Both albums are fantastic.
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    Yes, definitely take Sarah. Having her look at the Metacritic scores may be useful, but I'd warn against two things: - Most critics really, really like this movie--and with good reason. But it's not a movie you want to oversell. The plot is minimal, and the pleasures small. The movie won't disappoint, unless you go in expecting too much... - Regarding that minimalistic plot--some reviews I've read give away too much, I think. It's not a movie that depends on plot twists, but, the script takes the characters in somewhat unexpected directions, and I think these small moments are best experienc
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    I'm surpised this little film hasn't attracted more attention here. Seeing it prompted me to check back in to this site, which I haven't done in some time. I've only seen a handful of films in the theater since I stopped writing for World regularly last summer, most of them forgetable. Not "Once," though. Loved the simplicity, loved the ending, and the music...well, I'm listening to the soundtrack right now, and I also picked up The Frames' latest CD today. Some great shots in the film too, despite the budget (under $200K, I think?)...especially that tracking shot following "the girl" as she
  6. Right, no junket. In fact, Grace Hill told me that they were completely off the film (after including it on some earlier calendars)...then sent me word of a screening last night on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank. Glad to know you appreciated it as well, Steven.
  7. Christian: Poland is wrong. Very wrong. At least in my opinion.
  8. amcoffin

    Sophie Scholl

    Is anyone else depressed at how quickly this film disappeared from theaters, and how little attention it received? The Academy Award nomination was nice, but this film struggled through a somewhat haphazard distribution scheme, and never really caught on with the right audience. I spoke more highly of this film than any in recent memory (it was one I could recommend freely with neither artistic nor moral reservations), and yet I found it incredibly difficult to convince friends, family, or coworkers that it was worth seeing. I'm not sure if it was the seemingly unpleasant subject matter, a yo
  9. Excellent post, Steven. Worthwhile questions that I consider myself frequently. I think you do a nice job framing the issue in a way that encourages reflection and self-examination, rather than defensiveness. I've found myself in a similar position to what describe. In matters of some specific problematic content, I have, I think, become more tolerant, and perhaps desensitized. But I think I'm more critical of fundamentally corrosive flaws in the general outlook (or, to use an overused term, worldview) presented by a film. The former can be troubling, both personally and from the perspectiv
  10. The word I'm getting (from Grace Hill and others) is that the only junket scheduled for Da Vinci is taking place overseas and only "heavyhitters" are invited. Also, there may or may not be preview screenings the week before the film opens. Does anyone know if this is accurate?
  11. Just now saw the above... Not that it matters much, but for the record...I was actually very enthusiastic about The New World. I loved it, in fact. Very disappointed with my published review, though. I had hoped for more space in the magazine for this one, so my review had to be heavily edited. In the process, the tone changed significantly, and most of my minor criticisms and caveats for unprepared viewers were left in place and my rapturous praise ended up in the dust bin. Just letting you know that we agree on this one...one of the best of 2005, or, if you prefer, I expect one of the best
  12. Thanks for the compliment a few posts up, Christian. Here's what I got for my troubles, from a loyal World reader: ______________________ Andrew Coffin must be hooked on porn if he could give The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada the review he did. Better check on that young man. XXXXX XXXXX south Bend, IN ______________________ As much as I liked it, I was geniunely troubled by some aspects of the film, and thought that I gave a stronger warning about content and provided harsher criticism of these elements than most. But, regardless, I'd be so much more willing to engage in a sel
  13. As a semi-regular lurker on these boards but very infrequent contributor, I feel compelled to say that I've found this discussion (along with its parent thread, on Sophie Scholl), one of the most engrossing debates on a message board I've come across in some time. I've found myself returing to this thread repeatedly over the past 24 hours to catch up on each successive installment. As an observer, I'm appreciative of Steven and Jeffrey's dedication to battling this one out...although that's part of the reason I never post here: debates like this are just too time consuming! In any case, the r
  14. Jeffrey- I think your criticisms are probably on target in many ways, particularly when disecting the worldview that Howard and his screenwriter bring to this project. But I think that there's more here of value that you're willing to credit to the film. Stepping back from the explicitly religious components of the movie for a moment, tales of heroism, courage, and integrity have an intrinsic value, even if they don't directly explore the spiritual dimensions of a character. Much of classic (at least juvenile classic) literature and classic Hollywood would fit this mold. I appreciated the w
  15. amcoffin

    Man On Fire

    I don't suppose this will make me very popular here: http://www.worldmag.com/subscriber/display...le.cfm?id=10731 I have to say, I'd expect pretty wildly divergent reactions to this film, but I'm surprised that
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