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    Lead Teller at Wells Fargo Bank
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    Let the Right One In Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? The Fountain Crash Public Enemies
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    I love finding God in unexpected notes and words.
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    H.P. Lovecraft Neil Gaiman C.S. Lewis Abraham Joshua Heschel
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    This is a big question. I will answer later.
  1. Achmetha

    The Mountain Goats

    Meh. It's only mp3s though. I want the real CD(s).
  2. Achmetha

    The Mountain Goats

    Yep, I only saw the CD version available in the UK, and that is WAY too much for me to pay. That rhymed, weird. Anyway, I don't pay for mp3s so it's going to be a doozy to find on an actual format for a semi-affordable price.
  3. Achmetha

    Bob Dylan's Christmas Album

    Hah. Really?
  4. Achmetha

    The Mountain Goats

    There's a whole bonus album released called "The Life of the World in Flux." It's b-sides and three songs that aren't on the real full-length. Find it, and listen to Daniel 12:8. "Feel the fear in my chest all day. Praise You anyway."
  5. Achmetha

    Things That I Now Know Exist

    I see Come O Spirit is out (and on eMusic for those that are interested). Worth acquiring? Ryan Check out their MySpace. Sounds like it to me. I'm really thankful I was led to this music just now. Amazing, beautiful stuff.
  6. Achmetha

    The Mountain Goats

    I love The Mountain Goats, and this album really is taking me by surprise. I love when artists do something like this, where they hint at their faith/beliefs, and then just come right out with it like it's completely natural.