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  1. Has anyone seen the new video yet? Real player Windows media
  2. It's funny but really not that interesting, sort of let down with this one...
  3. I wonder why it's not working properly? Make sure you have the latest version of quicktime installed, it's a .mp4 file.
  4. Hey there, thought I'd join the rest of the group and ask for some feedback on a short I made last year. The encoding isn't the greatest, but you'll get the idea I trust. Thanks! My short
  5. dbracken


    Matt, Hey I really liked it. It was shot nicely (especially the face washing shot) and the content was interesting (the idea about attention and our desire to be noticed). While no person that age would really say that desire the attention of someone so young, in actuallity just about any attention is something that we seek. I'm not sure about the ending though, it's tough with shorts. What were you thinking with it? Well done!
  6. Does anyone have expirence with this? Good? Bad? Very flexible? With the new release it looks pretty good.
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