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  1. I know how this one ends! Stef finds himself inadvertantly receiving multiple copies of The Brak Show.
  2. Here are the common cast members: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0270147/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0503499/ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0471604/
  3. Russ


    This is one of those things I've always wanted to do.
  4. Russ

    The Woodsman

    Darrel, is this film really a little less than 90 minutes, do you recall? I'm going to try to catch something later tonight, but I've not slept enough lately, and I'd prefer not to push my luck with a longer movie.
  5. Well, in those cultural contexts (e.g., Luther-era Germany) where the word was more commonly used merely scatalogically, and not as a profane exclamation. And w.r.t this blog entry and the ones I've read most recently there: Ted Baehr + heightened appreciation for Emily Dickinson + somewhat cool screenwriting program = Barbara Nicolosi Fair/unfair?
  6. This ended absolutely perfectly, didn't it? Oh, and we're scant weeks away from the American version. I'm guessing it will be hi-larious.
  7. This producer's films have always sucked. This development is unsurprising and consistent.
  8. Russ

    Hawaii, Oslo

    stefyouaresoawesomemaybeIcouldborrowthissometimelateron? prettyplease?
  9. Great review. I seem to be wholly unable to find this CD in any non-virtual store.
  10. nicheflix is the Netflix equivalent for non-R.1 discs, no? That Cyber Home player is great. I started teaching a weekly Christian themes in film class at church last week, and afterwards a pastor came up and said he bought a movie off ebay that won't play in his player. (I'm not surprised-- some ebay sellers are better than others in identifying regions, and if you don't know to ask, they may not say voluntarily). He's not sure what region the disc is, and didn't seem to know about region coding. He just had wanted a copy of a particular movie and bought it. I cart my Cyber Home player (which is roughly the size and weight of a small restaurant leftover box carrying three pieces of pizza) to these classes, and I was glad to tell him that odds are, wherever that disc is from, I'll be able to play it for him this week.
  11. $35 at Best Buy. The Cyber Home CH-300. Doubles as an excellent tiny player to take places, like say you need a player for a screening somewhere, or to lend out.
  12. That's great to hear, Dan. Congratulations!
  13. 4/17 Before Sunrise Before Sunset 4/16 Meet Me in St. Louis 4/13 Contempt Un Film de SpongeRoberto Squarepants 4/9 Twentynine Palms 4/8 La Strada Sin City 4/6 The Circle 4/4 Slacker 4/2 Closer 3/30 My Flesh and Blood 3/29 Slacker 3/27 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 3/25 Boyfriends and Girlfriends 3/24 Voyage to Italy The Office 1.1 3/20 Eyes Without a Face 3/19 House of Fools The Empire Strikes Back 3/14 The Yes Men 3/13 Dekalog #5 3/12 House of Frankenstein 3/11 The Wrong Man 3/10 I Heart Huckabees 3/9 Mean Creek 3/7 Six Feet Under 1.1 3/4 42 Up 3/1 The Village 2/27 Ordet 2/26 Ordet The Mummy (Karloff) 2/20 Diary of a Country Priest 2/18 35 Up 2/14 Being There 28 Up 2/13 Le Fils 2/12 Le Fils 2/7 Man on Fire 2/6 21 Up 2/5 7 Plus 7 Time Out 2/4 7 Up 2/3 Sideways 1/31 Contact 1/30 Dekalog #1, #2 1/29 Bride of Frankenstein 1/27 Gilmore Girls 2.21, 2.22 1/26 Gilmore Girls 2.18, 2.19, 2.20 1/25 Gilmore Girls 2.17 1/23 The Apostle Dekalog #2 1/22 The Apostle 1/20 Gilmore Girls 2.16 Open Water 1/19 Gilmore Girls 2.15 1/18 Battle Royale Gilmore Girls 2.13, 2.14 1/16 O Brother Where Art Thou? 1/14 La Belle et la Bete 1/13 Gilmore Girls 2.12 1/12 Gilmore Girls 2.11 1/11 Gilmore Girls 2.9, 2.10 1/9 Maria Full of Grace 1/7 Gilmore Girls 2.8 1/6 We Don't Live Here Anymore 1/5 Gilmore Girls 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 1/3 I Walked With a Zombie 1/2 Gilmore Girls 2.4 Anchorman 1/1 Gilmore Girls 2.3
  14. Russ

    The Son (Le Fils)

    Maybe on a second viewing some of the length of scenes might not seem so unnecessary. It's really not a film about plot or getting from A to B, so there's not necessarily going to be a way that you can take individual scenes and parse out how they advance the film. I do think that many of those scenes provide insights or character details which give us more understanding of Olivier and the boy, or heighten our anxiety about the inevitable conflict. Oh, yeah. I said above, last summer-- a bit misguided-- that I wasn't really worried that he'd hurt the boy. That's crazy. The threat of harm is always there, and imagine how another filmmaker might have handled this. Yeah, you, Gaspar Noe. I don't know if Olivier changes, or if from the beginning he's consistently been motivated by a desire to know the boy and improve his life. I know that the earlier scenes serve a purpose by introducing us to the lonely and clipped stasis that characterizes Olivier's life. I guess I prefer them to the shorthand that is often used to make the same point in much quicker time, e.g., character arrives home to empty house, presses answering machine button to hear message from mom ("Why haven't you called me?), heats up unappetizing TV dinner and turns on game show.
  15. Jeffrey, I'm glad you saw the original. I watched it about six months ago for the first time in over twenty years (I saw it edited on a network affiliate's afternoon movie when I was maybe 11 or 12). The heavily-repeated theme song (which Carpenter wrote) and the scene with the guy driving away only to have a gang member stowing away in the backseat stayed with me. Of course, the brief scene with the girl from those Witch Mountain movies is something else. This film is like those weird 70s dystopia films, but different in that it's set present-day (to then). It's a bit after the first Dirty Harry and around the time of Death Wish, but it's really intriguing to me to kind of envision the sort of crime-paranoia that Carpenter is playing with. And his minimalism here is really effective. I think it holds up, and it's my favorite of his films.
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