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  1. That's great Jeffrey! By the way, finished the book last night (stayed up past my bedtime to do so) and am now ready for the second! I was not expecting that ending. PERFECT!
  2. Looks like a fllm I will see ONLY because it stars Ryan Gosling. The idea of a Christian publishing firm working on this sounds completely absurd. I must be missing something.
  3. Good plan, Alan. I should pick up a few more. I know several people who would LOVE this book.
  4. JennyLynne

    Bubba Ho-Tep

    Bubba Ho-Tep ended with such finality that I didn't think a sequel was possible. I didn't love the first one, but it had some merits. The idea of a sequel just washes them away. i'm with you. I did really enjoy the first one, but it will take a lot to get me to buy into a sequel.
  5. Will there be a line of companion items? Buy your own Auralia cloak! Your very own yellow scarf here!
  6. I'm halfway through the book -- wanted to bring it to work with me this morning! So far it is an excellent read, and I look forward to see where it is going! I'll do what I can to include the book in our next Media page ;0)
  7. JennyLynne


    Consider this film a guilty pleasure. While I certainly wouldn't put it at the top of any lists, I enjoyed it. And the first sequel (not planning to watch the third film. . . )
  8. I never would have thought to compage GotF with Dancer in the Dark (or any other vonTrier film). I am a huge von Trier fan, much to the annoyance of some of my friends. I don't think the sole point of either is to depress. Are they depressing? Sure. But I think we have much to learn from each offering.
  9. JennyLynne

    The Simpsons Movie

    Since the other characters didn't know she'd spoken in that episode, it is still fitting
  10. Wow. If done right, this has the potential to be really, REALLY good. Although the idea of remaking a film that I love does make me nervous. . .
  11. JennyLynne

    Brokeback Mountain

    Ha! Nice. No, hadn't read that. Guess I'm just a genius (gotta try, right?)
  12. JennyLynne

    Brokeback Mountain

    What a great film. I finally saw it last night and enjoyed it, but I think reading through this thread (which, I must admit, I eventually just skimmed), I'm reminded of beautiful moments that may just bump it up on my list. The layers of this film are extraordinary -- two men with horrid childhood experiences finding refuge in each other, the challenges in their own family lives (possibly caused, or at least heighted, by them) and the elements beyond sexuality -- how the masks we wear can cause greater problems. While I certainly believe Ang Lee represents gay characters for a reason, parts
  13. I hadn't noticed the Bible or prayer beads either. . . interesting, indeed. And Christian, I may have to do that! It feels like it goes against everything in me to purchase a "country album," but maybe the fact that they have been boycotted by the country world can justify it. . . or maybe my local library has a copy ;0)
  14. I really enjoyed this film. While I was somewhat familiar with the controversy, I really didn't know much about the Dixie Chicks before watching this (I am not a country fan). I thought it was interesting
  15. Just visited the Web site on the film. Looks interesting. Anyone seen it yet?
  16. Wow! Very cool Jeffrey! I did notice Auralia's Colors was mentioned in the (Texas) Baptist Standard -- an RNS piece, I believe. Made me smile.
  17. you bet! I pawn this site off on anyone who will listen (unfortunately for you, not too many folks listen!).
  18. JennyLynne

    Rescue Dawn

    This is coming to our local independent theater next week. I'm excited I finally get to see it.
  19. I got my copy a few weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed the few chapters I've read at this point. Even got another buyer for you! Some friends were over at my house last week, saw the book and asked about it.
  20. I second the Robert Johnston plug. A friend of mine and I led a faith and film class in our last church (we've both moved to different towns since -- him for a phd in film and me for a new job). Our film lists (as well as other classes taught by A&F folk) are stlil on this forum. You might want to check out what others have shown. We also tried to avoid things we thought a large percentage of folks had seen. We also had the blessing of genre, rating, etc. not being a factor for us. We would watch the film before screening it for the class, develop our own thoughts and research what other
  21. JennyLynne

    The Simpsons Movie

    Saw it last night -- everything I expected out of a Simpson's movie, which is to say I liked it. The Bono exchange was great The credits cracked me up as well. The people with me kept getting anxious "can we go NOW?" But I think they were glad I forced them to stay til the end.
  22. Finished the book yesterday, and while I agree that it provides nice closure, I am sad that the series is over! As I was nearing the final chapters, I almost wanted to read slower so that I could postpone the end!
  23. I, for one, have never said "goodbye" at the beginning of a phone conversation =0)
  24. Alan, I'm curious what you think about the video series.
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