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  1. Loved "Napoleon Dynamite." I first saw it on DVD and had to keep rewinding because certain places just demanded to be watched again. Cracked me up. And yes, I found myself relating to the nerdiness. I wanted to put on a pair of moon boots and challenge myself to a game of tetherball. As to the competition between Anchorman and Napoleon. . . Anchorman made it to my list of worst films of the year. I found it to have a few good one-liners and not much else.
  2. I can't say I made it through all the posts on this thread. I did read most of the first page and all of the last. "Dogville" was the second Lars Von Trier offering I have seen and, so far, I dig it. "Dogville" was my number one film of the year because my (at the time) roommate and I couldn't stop talking about it after we saw it. We discussed interpretations and the way themes were developed and everything else that came to mind. At the end of the night, I didn't have any clear pictures, but had enough ideas to find the filming absolutely brilliant. I love the concept of the chalk outline
  3. SDG - thanks for the welcome Peter - thanks for the link. Your original post contains a lot of great thoughts that have failed to wander across my mind until now. I had never paid attention to the line "maybe we're all Jews now," but now that you mention it, I wonder if that is what Danny is most afraid of. I enjoy the comparison with Job and Chesterton's essay. I'm not sure that I'm ready to suggest that Danny curses God. Part of him desperately wants to, but the other part clings so tightly to his faith that he cannot. I think he is more frustrated and angry with God's people than he is
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    The Believer

    I'm team-teaching a film and theology class beginning Sunday. One of the films we're using is Henry Bean's "The Believer." Because I happen to be a fan of the film, I thought I'd extend the discussion here. What did you think about it? Did it influence your faith? If so, how?
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