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  1. It increases my respect for him. He knows the Church very well and can judge whether a man of his age and energy is able to do what he must do. For me, I find myself associating my emotions right now with those of one of my most powerful childhood memories--seeing Cal Ripken decide to end his streak at 2,632, on his own terms and without an injury or other problem forcing his hand. (For the record, I went to Wikipedia to check that number, but I was right. It is emblazoned on my memory.)
  2. I understand this conviction, but...(sorry, I had to) ... ...once upon a time when my dad might say something to the effect of "I love you, but your disobedience has consequences," I understood--even at a young age--that the "but" in that thought was not contra what came before, but a nuanced quality of it. Thanks, Nick. I was about to say something similar in more words.
  3. Hi Ken et al, My meager contribution: Choosing not to attend the wedding would be a rejection of the relationship between him and his spouse, and he'd be right to feel it more deeply than a rejection of his ideas or words, because his relationships cut more closely to the heart of his identity than beliefs (although both matter). Further, speaking as someone who is about to get married myself, among the potential statements that a friend/family member could say, is possibly the most foreign sentiment imaginable. Do they not understand/accept the nuptial meaning of sex? Do t
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    Pain & Gain

    I went ahead and read the 3-part article series. Man, this could be a good, lurid cautionary tale in the hands of the right director... and Michael Bay is pretty much the opposite of the right director. First of all, this stuff is not at all funny. It's larger than life and very very bizarre, but it's not funny.
  5. Hey, I did say that the lack of traditional story structure is not the issue here. I appreciate that you brought up Bazin (and SDG's essay on him), and I'll try and put this in personalist terms. The problem that I see is not the director single-handedly pursuing his vision as an auteurist, and I hope I didn't give the impression that I've got an across-the-board opposition to auteurism. The problem is when his vision gets pursued at the expense of other people. That's not compatible with personalism. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously, or in the wrong way. But in my opinion, this can onl
  6. I may not be a typical moviegoer, but I think there is a danger of elitism, which may be the topic of a whole 'nother thread, perhaps one that already exists somewhere but I'm not gonna go looking right this sec. Anyway, the danger I mean is this kind of thought: "An ordinary moviegoer would dislike Holy Motors because it doesn't have a traditional story structure and/or it includes upsettingly graphic content." True and irrelevant. The real problem is its disdain for human nature, which a crowd would pick up on right away, before they even picked up on either of those two things. I suspect, i
  7. I don't think anything could convince me to like this movie (as I privately told Christian, I knew I wouldn't like it as soon as I saw the deadened looks on the faces of the movie theater patrons in the opening moments. I am averse to being insulted). But certainly not by Brody's reflections on how this movie shows "the devastating moral effect of costume and makeup"--could it possibly instead be the devastating effect of having to participate in so many demeaning stunts? I mean, it's not like these were ordinary roles! He wears a giant condom while mo-capping bizarre hentai, and that's not ev
  8. Here ya go: http://artsandfaith.com/index.php?showtopic=25953 (not a second, because I haven't seen it)
  9. I suspect the two films I nominated are already well-known to most of you, since they're both on the Top 100, but here's a defense of why I think they belong on this list: Tender Mercies: You might ask why I think this is a movie about marriage--it obviously features one, and discusses at least 4 others--Mac's 2 previous two, Rosa Lee's previous one, and Mac's daughter's one, but is that what it's about? Not solely, but yes essentially. It's been a while since I've seen it so I'm struggling to come up with all the specifics, but Rosa Lee is the rock of Mac's life, she's "holding the ladder"
  10. For now, 2 of my perennial favorites/advocacy projects : Title: Tender Mercies Director: Bruce Beresford Running Time: 100 minutes Language: English IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086423/ YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMm0a6Ugb3s"]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=lMm0a6Ugb3s Link to the A&F thread on the movie: http://artsandfaith....?showtopic=5701 and as a bonus, link to our Top 100 enty: http://artsandfaith....dermercies.html Title: Fiddler on the Roof Director: Norman Jewison Running Time: 181 minutes Langauge: English, with a little Hebrew and Russia
  11. As I've mentioned elsewhere, the original Deus Ex game is in my opinion the standard by which other games are measured, to this day. I don't have as high an opinion of the prequel, although the one scene with Malik (if you've played, you know which one I mean) was a real standout, I was very emotionally involved. Scott, I'll offer you my deeply-held opinion (for all that it's worth): The themes regarding trans-humanism and scientific meddling with human nature are close to meaningless without being deeply set in the context of the themes of the il/legitimacy of violence and police state pow
  12. David Smedberg


    For those who've seen it--I'm scrimping pennies right now. Worth seeing on the big screen? Or should I wait until Bluray?
  13. Per Christian's correction of my mistake, "long shots" should be "long takes". Further, "Top 25 films on long takes" doesn't get the gist at all, since the whole point is that they're not the subject of the film, theyare an element of the craft of the film. Thus I was thinking "Top 25 long takes". I'm still hoping it'll get picked y'all.
  14. I love these ideas, although "long shots" (long takes, right?) would highlight just parts of a movie, rather than the whole. Still, it's a fun idea. Yup, that's what I meant! Somewhere, my film practicum instructor is experiencing a unexplained karmic headache... :x In my conception, we'd nominate the shots themselves--but with an eye to the quality of the film that they are embedded in.
  15. Well, we have done one genre list, and one theme list, so why not do a list involving medium/craft? It'd have to be something specific enough for actual comparability, like: The 25 Best Film Performances by an Child Actor The 25 Best Film Scores The 25 Best Long Shots in Film We don't always have to list entire films, y'know.
  16. Since I created this thread, "Regional at Best" has found it's way to the very top of my "Most Played" list in iTunes, but so far no responses here, so I though that I'd kill 2 birds with one stone: I've committed to myself to write one blog post a month, and this is still criminally underrecognized, so I wrote it up in more detail: Am I crazy? (Don't answer that! ) Do check it out and let me know what you think.
  17. I was reading the "View New Content" area, and your post closed " ... The Mater Spoiler". I was thinking, "Hm, how do you put a spoiler on a pickup truck? I bet somebody has tried..." To the GIS I go! And yes, of course they have, and it looks just as bad as you'd imagine. http://www.inverse-s...ruckSpoiler.jpg ... tangent neutralized.
  18. SPOILERS The ending also threw me a bit, for a couple of reasons. The part I have come to terms with, and admire, is this: I don't think it would have surprised me as much, if Ethan Hawke's character hadn't had his change of heart. My dramatic expectation is that bad things happen to bad people, and that people who do the right thing always have some kind of "out". But that expectation isn't necessarily a good one, and here especially because it would imply that each prior family had been somehow at fault--which we clearly can't assume, since they seem like normal, ordinary families.
  19. David Smedberg


    I assume this was a mistake, and I. Love. It.
  20. Fair enough, Nez--it's been a while since I saw The Incredible Hulk and it doesn't stand out in my memory as clearly as Ang Lee's version did anyway. (Jennifer Connelly can do that to a man.) While that potentially answers my "plausibility" objection, it doesn't necessarily answer the "satisfying" objection, since I really, really liked the Hulk's semi-tragic story arc, and if he is more Super-Brat than Superman, he's still pretty dang invincible.
  21. My thoughts, upon the Blu-ray release. I've been re-reading some of this thread, and I see that my reaction differs somewhat from that of others, because whereas some of you enjoyed the movie but didn't feel any reason to revisit it, I was troubled by it at first but ended up enjoying it much more once I re-watched it a couple of times.
  22. There is actually a literal remake of Harakiri making its way through the festival circuit right now. Trailer and a bit more info: http://wildgrounds.com/2011/04/30/hara-kiri-death-of-a-samurai-miike-remake-again/ I just saw the original (at Jason's recommendation) and on reflection, I don't think the movie needed to be remade, so I doubt I'll be seeing it, but I just thought I'd pass along that info.
  23. If I recall from reading the book, the title is somewhat misleading. One of my favorite "bad" books. I gave it to my younger brother on his 18th birthday... in order to get him to read it, I told him there was a lot of violence and cussing.
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