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  1. No, I play Lazarus. PS: Thanks for all the feedback
  2. I've made a one-minute short for a competition here in Norway called "The Bible". So far things have turned out well, and I have - among with 4 others - won distribution in 103 cinemas across the nation for two weeks (they show it before the main feature). I'm however interested to hear what others might think of this little film. You can watch it at: http://www2.filmweb.no/sommerkino by clicking on "se bidrag" benath "The Bible" in the right column of the page. Preferrably with a broadband connection, as it takes it time to load (19 megs). The film is in (somewhat bad) english. It was made partly with my Sony TRV-900, partly animated in Flash and AfterEffects. The whole thing took 3 days (and nights)to complete.
  3. If it's of any help: I recently edited a music video shot on Super-8, and we filmed the whole thing off the white back of a poster. Projectors are easy to find, at low prices. We had to tweak the settings on the DV-cam for a while, to get decent results. What produced the best results was setting the whitebalance at outdoor temperature (5600 K) and pushing the shutter speed up to 75. Thus, we had to deinterlace the images afterwards, put it all produced full, clear frames with the right colors.
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