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    Creative Writing Editor for The Other Journal; instructor at Grand Rapids Community College

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  1. I am the creative writing editor for The Other Journal, an online quarterly publication that promotes vibrant discourse at the intersections of theology and culture. We aim to create space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression. Attempting to remain a notch or two more popular than the typical scholarly journal and a notch or two more scholarly than the typical popular magazine, our goal is to provide our readers with provocative, challenging and insightful Christian commentary on current social issues, political events, cultural trends, and pop phenomena. Each issue of The Other Journal is organized around a particular theme, and includes sections dedicated to: Examination :: articles, essays, and interviews Imagination :: creative nonfiction, personal essays, short stories, and poetry Creation :: art exhibits Perspective :: personal essays that center on an experience of literature, film, or music Praxis :: practical applications of theological themes We are currently accepting submissions in prose (fiction and nonfiction) and poetry for our upcoming issues on Celebrity and Food: http://www.theotherj.../news.php?id=48 Please see our submissions guidelines here: http://www.theotherj...age=submissions And feel free to email me directly if you have questions/interest: allison@theotherjournal.com
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