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  1. I was thinking about the Atlanta show, but I noticed that there really werent any shows in the South, with the exception of Florida. I figured there would be less demand for Tampa so... Im going to get there early to see if we can get inside whatever shape they are using this tour.
  2. O.k fine but some times to just be blunt isbest i dont want to sit here and get in some long drawen out descuson over the asthetich value of a film some movies are just offensive period. ← I understand how it could be offensive, but I think discussion can draw out(I know Ive made initial bad judgements on this until I discussed them with others) whether the filmmaker was actually being offensive or that he made a movie that happened to have offensive aspects in them. Where this movie fits is obviously up to you, and communicating why could create some great dialogue.
  3. I wouldnt say the movie was a bad one by any stretch of the imagination, but I will say that for me personally the philosophy behind it(what I thought the makers were really trying to say) just fell flat . I think SDG summed it up succintly in saying " The flaw with American Beauty is that it presents a stunted and amoral vision of the meaning of life." I think its great that some can find spiritual significance in the film. I would ask, though, if they found something there that wasnt intended by those who made it? In the end I suppose it doesnt matter since God can speak to us from all sorts of crazy places. I'll also throw in my support for "The Ice Storm" as a superior film in the same theme.
  4. Yes! Talk about a character who stamped out all hope of redemption for himself and others. He personifies the most evil aspects of Nazism and Anti-semitism. And yet there are amazingly human touches that prevent him from becoming so demonized we can't identify with him. In particular I'm thinking of his interview for a maid in which he refuses to get too close to a Jew because he's concerned that she might catch his cold. Chillingly effective! ← Im not sure I found any redeeming qualities about him--maybe Im afraid to. I guess I always viewed his behaviour related to the maid as his internal conflict between hatred of the Jews and his grandiose love of self. A character like that truly frightens me compared to the many villains and monsters that Hollywood may conjure up.
  5. Nope, I just happened to rent them pretty close together. Id also add how amusing it is that they feel the need for the foe in the final game or match always has to do the little extra things to be a bit more unlikeable. I found the match against his friend to be more interesting in furthering along the story than the climatic one.
  6. I didnt care for Wimbledon at all. While I also found the movie in general to be too cliched, the corny dialogue really did it in for me. You see a movie like Before Sunset right before this one and you realize how ridiculous the conversations are between Dunst and Bettany. Also, while I normally find Dunst charming, I thought she was trying much too hard to be cute here.
  7. Some that Im waiting for are: Au Hasard Balthazar Raise The Red Lantern Jesus of Montreal Oldboy 2046
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