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    Slumdog Millionaire

    Absolutely Ridiculous. The wealthy minority of India wants to ignore the fact that 85.7% of the population lives on less than $2.50 a day.
  2. Spoon

    Boy A

    see this movie
  3. Spoon

    Seven Pounds

    I'm wondering what you all think of the striking difference of reaction between IMDB users and Rotten Tomatoes critics. Currently at 27% on rt, Seven Pounds is at 7.6 at IMDB. I understand the distinction between the sites is mainly between critics and regular folk. I found that in the past that the general public is much more willing to be emotionally involved in a film without calling it manipulative. That's my best guess at the big difference for this film. Any other thoughts?
  4. Spoon

    Seven Pounds

    It seems that how one reacts to the film may depend on whether one feels that the film is on Ben's side or not. I may have read here that the film does root for Ben. I'm not so sure. I think it presents Ben as a
  5. Spoon

    Save Me

    the great performance by judith light
  6. Lady in th Water K-Pax Powder King Kong The Darjeeling Limited The Painted Veil
  7. i really fell into the tone of this one. saw it the philly film festival 2 years back. nice to see it finally got picked up.
  8. Just finished Blindness by Jose Saramago. Wowser. And I'm currently reading Children's Hospital by Chris Adrian
  9. What are some of your favorite trailers? To me, part of what makes a good trailer is one that captures the tone of the film. The Painted Veil is one of my favorites. It doesn't need the typical voice over from that one man that does all the trailers because it is so well put together. The only voice over present is from the characters when they chose to lay it over certain scenes. Lots of good small choices made here, like having Ed Norton slowly close his eyes after Watts says "You are as much to blame as I." I don't think that's the proper sequence in the film but it's effective nonetheless.
  10. Spoon

    The Lovely Bones

    I love Gosling but isn't the older sister in the story about 18? Gosling is 26.
  11. Spoon

    Pan's Labyrinth

    Again, cheating with the commentary. Del Toro says that the actual tasks weren't important but how she went about them. The most important thing in the tasks was that she didn't lose her essence. He goes on to say that he believes the movie is about choice and that free will is what makes us human.
  12. Spoon

    Pan's Labyrinth

    . Listening to the DVD commentary, Del Toro says it could be that the Captain is unable to see the Faun.
  13. My latest number 31 is Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War
  14. I don't know if anyone else has this problem. I get 3 at a time from netflix. Sometimes when the movie comes, I lose interest along the way. But I don't want to send it back without watching it. It feels like wasting money. So instead, I keep a movie for almost 6 months before finally watching it. I estimated that I lost $36 in the end anyway. Not only that, if I would have known Kontroll would be this awesome, I would have watched it when it first arrived.
  15. Spoon


    Just saw this and really enjoyed it. I didn't think the ending was unresolved at all. Does anyone else think that
  16. I run a movie discussion group and my church has the cvli license. A few months ago we ran across this in the terms: "No specific titles, or any characters from such titles, or producers' names will be advertised or publicized to the general public unless authorized by certain producers." Because of that, I have not advertised the name of the film to the "general public". I have however said things like - email me and I can contact you privately with the name of the movie we will be showing. That works right?
  17. I have become a regular listener to Adam and Sam at filmspotting Worth a listen. They work really well together.
  18. I admire and trust Rob Bell. That trust has come from watching a couple Noomas, reading Velvet Elvis, and listening to some sermons. He is ultimately concerned with people getting closer to God. I imagine most pastors are concerned with that but wth him it comes through in his voice, writings, and art. I especially liked the part of Velvet Elvis where he talked about missions. He mentioned people with the mindset of "taking Jesus" to a place, as if he wasn't already there. He goes on to say that the job of a missionary is to have good eyesight, to point out the Jesus that's already there. I look forward to reading Sex God.
  19. Spoon

    Forgiveness in films

    The Son Dead Man Walking Levity Solaris Buffy Season 6 finale (sorry, couldn't help it. ) Perhaps the most recent picture of this was vividly and powerfully done in an episode of Lost called "Enter 77" featuring Sayid's back story.
  20. Spoon

    The Host

    While watching this film, I was reminded of a few different films. It had the combining genres aspect of Shaun of the Dead, the social commentary of 28 Days Later, and the children in dire circumstances created by adults aspect of Grave of the Fireflies. All that said, it is unlike anything I've ever seen. It knows when to take itself lightly and when seriously, all the while leaving us unsure as to what to feel. 4.5/5
  21. I hear what you're saying, and I agree. I guess I was thinking of how I feel whenever I hear of a christian film being released. I remember how I felt when I heard about "One Night with the King". It almost feels more personal. It leads me to a lot of wishful thinking. Because the gospel is so important to me, I perk up whenever I hear there is a story coming out made by someone who may feel the same way about the gospel. Now it feels like I'm almost talking myself into a different approach. Almost like, if you're dealing with the gospel or christian themes, you dang well better do it well. So maybe the family aspect comes in with how we sometimes hurt those who are closest to us. And if we feel like they are misrepresenting Jesus, it's more serious than if they aren't exactly getting Freddy Kreuger down to a tee.
  22. What if it was approached as if a family member made the film? In essence, if it's a "christian movie", then it's made by someone in the Body of Christ, and they are our brothers and sisters. It wouldn't take away from an honest review, criticizing the weaknesses and praising the strengths. But it might give a framework that keeps everyone one the same side. Maybe in this way the criticism doesn't feel like attacking but more like "oh I really wish they wouldn't have done that". This of course takes works from both sides. Each party would have to believe that they were out for the others best interests. This way, criticism is given and received fairly and with trust.
  23. After reading about 90% of the correspondence, it doesn't seem like Mr. Edwards and the A&Fer's disagree as much as it seems. I think one thing that happens in arguments, especially over the internet, is focusing on aspects of the disagreement, attacking that, and going further in that direction. So after some exchanges, we are really much farther apart than we need to be. Perhaps a day of deep sea fishing together and sharing a six-pack would blur all these lines that feel so dividing right now. But, since this is the internet and all we have to focus on are our disagreements, let me chime in. I will say that it seems like both sides are taking inappropriate jabs. Beyond that, there seems to be one underlying issue that I cannot understand: Paul is accuses CT of being postmodern in the worst sense. Postmodern here meaning all truth is relative. That is a far different statement than saying that truth can be found in many different sources. The latter I think is the claim of CT, and perhaps it is a postmodern bend, but not in the sense of everybody is ok and nothing matters. And, sidenote. This thing about the gospel and profanity being mutually exclusive. I can't understand how that can be the case. Now I can see an argument for christian behavior and profanity being mutually exclusive, perhaps. But the gospel is not about behaviour. It is about grace. What does profanity have to do with the gospel? If it did have anything to do with the gospel, it would mean curse all the hell you want, Jesus still loves you.
  24. The Man Who Heard Voices, Or, How M. Night Shyamalan risked his career on a fairy tale. About half way through. Frustratingly one-sided in it's praise of Shyamalan but still an interesting behind the scenes look at the process of trying to make a movie. Recommended especially for writers or anyone with a vision.
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