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    I've watched this film for the 4th time and each time its getting richer with meaning. I see it as a story of how God values what the world does not. Luke 16:15 - 'For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God' Nobody wanted Irwin. To the world, he was too sick, and too tall(old) as an orphan. But God saw it fit to include him into His family and to make him a relative of the angels. And to have an earthly father that he never really had. Luke 16:22 - 'So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by angels into Abrahams Bosom' This is what was happening to Irwin. He was on the verge of death and was surrounded by angels, including the priest. And when he died, he was 'carried away to a heavenly city'(the prayer of the priest). There was also alot about blessings not coming as they appear. The angels were looking for their relative and werent sure what he looked like, only that 'he wouldn't come in the shape of a child'. Like Jesus, often things that appear as weak are actually holy. Often things that appear like a curse are a blessing. My favorite scene is when one of the evacuation committee gets a nick in his car from a rock that 'comes out of nowhere'. The speech that follows and the beatup car that pulls up to end the scene is all one fantastic allegory for suffering and how hard it is at first but how it makes you stronger in the end.
  2. I would recommend Glory. I would not recommend The Life of David Gale. A human rights movie for sure but a bad one. It was $5.99 at BestBuy so I took a chance.
  3. We watched this tonight at our movie discussion group. I am still just blown away by the ending. I don't understand how that works. Its fascinating. I used a quote from your review Jeffrey in the discussion: "there
  4. I would not be surprised at all if the eagles win. I've never seen a defense play better and more frigthening then they played the last two games, against two of the best offesnes in the league. Culpepper and Vick were scared, and rightfully so. At least they could run. Brady can not and the patriots will lose a low scoring close game.
  5. Spoon

    Bright Eyes

    you've come along way Josh.
  6. When the show was cancelled, Richard Hatem wrote an open letter at his site to the die hard 'miracles' fans. He thanked them for their ongoing support and he said some nice things. He included his email address in the letter and some people were contacting him and saying they were getting responses. So I figured what the heck, let me try. I emalied him and he emailed me back. H'es a great personality. He also wrote the screenplay for 'the mothman prophecies'. He mentioned in the interview that he didnt like the way his script was directed. He was nice about it, didnt try exactly to say it, but it was the underlying message. He wanted more of a realistic feel and he felt like it was made to be too supernatural
  7. Miracles entire first season will be released on DVD in April, Story here: http://www.miraclestv.com/
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    Tsunami Film

    Has anyone thought of going to south asia and making a film? I've been trying to think of ways I can help with the relief. I want to go down there and do something. Then I think, what do I know how to do? Would I just be in the way? Then I rememembered I like to write. T would like to team up with some people and go make a film. One of the bigggest concerns is that people will forget about this disaster in a year. Perhaps a film will serve as a reminder that aid is still needed. I want to go and live there for a year or two and make a movie.
  9. What is the best christian explanation for why this kind of suffering happens?
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    I saw Veer-Zaara the other day. It was the first bollywood film I was able to catch on the big screen. Great movie. I do wonder though how much better these films would be without all the dramatics, and rain. Its a great enough story on its own. The acting, directing and script are all top notch. It would be nice if once in a while they dont overdue the melodrama, especially when the dramatic music comes in not so dramatic moments.
  11. Spoon

    Maria Full of Grace

    We watched this the other night for my movie group and had a great discussion. One thing we mentioned was perhaps the title was meant to impy that grace happened to maria. Particularly, when she sees the ultrasound. She was given grace. Her baby was healthy. And grace is the thing that empowered her and gave her hope.
  12. Spoon

    Guy Maddin

    This was the only movie I've ever walked out of in the theatre. It was unwatchable
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    "They prioritize the thrill of "falling in love" over the work of "staying in love," and thus they can't even guess at the rewards of mature love, a love that remains steadfast even when disappointed, even when fickle feelings falter." Nicely thought out Jeffrey.
  14. Not a film but Buffy and Xander have a beautiful friendship for 7 years in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  15. I saw them sunday night in philly. amazing show. 'wake up' was the best live song
  16. yeah, i've been trying to seach by frontman ed kowolcycks name and that helps a little.
  17. philly nov 14th. i got my tickets!
  18. Something happened to this band and I'm not sure what. They have seemed to gone from a negative view of spirituality to a positive one. Check it out. First I'll quote from their older stuff: 1. Heard a lot of talk about this Jesus A man of love, and a man of strength But what a man was two thousand years ago means nothing at all to me today. 2. I've willed, I've walked, I've read I've talked, I know, I know, I've been here before hey, now we won't be raped hey, now we won't be scarred like that. (about god/religion?) 3. and the greatest of teachers won't hesitate to leave you there, by yourself, chained to fate (adam/eve reference?) Now some quotes from more recent stuff: 1. I am aglow with the taste of the demons driven out and happily replaced with the presence of real love the only one who saves. the stillness in your eyes convinces me that I I don't know a thing and I been around the world and I've tasted all the wines a half a billion times came sickened to your shores you show me what this life is for 2. i feel strong i'm finally at peace the war is all gone by no cause of my own like an eagle cuts through the air no time for fear faith in his wings takes him there 3. I give my heart and soul to the one 4. I long for the one who is Fire! amongst the dreamers you are in my heart like the sun on the icecaps my only friend in the prison the long lost meaning to the story, story the divine and ancient wisdom how could it be that you've graced my night? like a pardon from the governor like a transplant from the donor like a gift from the one who is 5. yeah I found god and he was absolutely just like me he opened my mouth, looked down my throat told me I was thirsty he said, I been, I been, I been been in this water all my life never took the time to breathe, breathe, BREATHE! whatcha doin' in this darkness baby? when you know that love will set you free will you stay in the sea forever? drownin' there for all eternity whatcha doin' in this darkness baby? livin' down where the sun don't shine come on out into the light of love don't spend another day livin' in the sea livin' in the sea, yeah 6. yeah, I can see it now lord out beyond all the breakin' of waves and the tribulation it's a place and the home of ascended souls who swam out there in love! 7. love will overcome if this love will make us men love will draw us in to take our fear away, wipe our tears away love! and all my friends are here in the city I sing my song in the face of the hooker, the soldier, the swine I found it, I found it, I found love! 8. You don't need no friends get back your faith again you have the power to believe another dissident take back your evidence it has no power to deceive I'll believe it when I see it, for myself I don't need no one to tell me about heaven I look at my daughter, and I believe. I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth I can see the sunset and I perceive Most of the recent quotes are from 'The distance to here'. Does anyone know what marked the sudden change? Any good articles are sites out there?
  19. Spoon

    Starting reviewing

    Nicely Done. However, I think you may lose some readers with the line " You'll find none of the superficiality of Before Sunrise here; this is one of the deepest and most intense relationships ever put on film."
  20. http://www.lifeway.com/lwc/article_main_pa...00407%2C00.html
  21. Awesome cd. I've never heard anything like it and I've never been so unable to describe what they sound like to my friends. I bought it on my way home from work last night and I didn't want to get out of the car and couldn't wait to get back into my car when I finally did, get out.
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    Funny cause I was almost losing interest, until last nights episode, particularly the ending. The ending showed me the writers care about big ideas like forgiveness and being born again. It also showed me they care alot about character development. I love the complexity of some of the characters already.
  23. Film and play, The Shape of Things
  24. Spoon

    NFL Begins

    heehee. heeheehee.
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    Did next week's preview show Kate in a bikini? Didn't take them very long to go there, did it? Fox's character will have some serious issues. Perfect characters are not interesting and JJ knows that. and, bikini? It was a bathing suit yes but very unrevealing. Stop picking! i loved the first 10 minutes. very intense. and the funny bits were few but very fun. charlie trying to get jack to remember the song from his band was hilarious.
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