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  1. The other thing I've liked about this particular "game" is that unlike many of the reality shows, politics plays a minimal role. While it can certainly rear its head (like it did this week with everyone sharing info except the cowboys), for the most part, the winners are those with the best combination of skill, perseverance and luck. Also, teams are rewarded for working together with their partner. Those that fall apart and fall into constant bickering rarely make the final three (I'm saying rarely, because the goths have lasted a lot longer than I expected them to). But it's primarily escapism. It's also the only reality show I would seriously consider entering, just for the chance to see more of the world.
  2. Count me in the camp that likes them, too. I guess I just don't run in the right hipster circles, but I never ran across any super-annoying maniac fans. I think I introduced them to some friends who like county-folk-bluegrass tinged things. I wouldn't have called them album of the year, but there's some good talent, earnest lyrics (even if a little clunky occasionally). I personally think some of the non-singles are their strongest tracks: Thistle & Weeds and Winter Winds are two of my personal favorites.
  3. The dig at blogging is great. Seriously, I'm looking forward to seeing how this one is going to turn out.
  4. It's not exclusively a movie theater, but Atlanta's Fox Theatre is an outstanding movie experience (especially when they use the pipe organ for live sing-alongs prior to showings). The best events are the summer-time classic film festival showings. Having TCM in town means TCM staff often serve as hosts of each film, offering insight prior to the showing.
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    What's interesting is that the more I embrace new styles of music (I'm finally giving hip hop and rap a fair shot), the more I want to go back and hear the older stuff that forms the foundations of today's music. I've listened to more Springsteen, Magnetic Fields and Rolling Stones this year than I did in any previous decade. And I love it.
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    Amen, Andy! I groan every time I hear one of my peers complain that no good music has been made since the early-to-mid 1990s (my high school years, by chance). I may give them a point that there has been little good music on the radio since the late 1990s, but I'm as exhilirated by many of today's artists as anything I loved from the flannel era.
  7. I also loved the first two episodes (last night's is till on my DVR awaiting a free hour this week). The scene where they found the daughter nearly had me in tears (and I don't cry often with TV/movies). I'll also be interested to see if the crucifix tattoo has any spiritual significance for Holder, or if it's a side effect of his undercover days. Linden seemed to mock it briefly, but she has that world-weary look of someone who's seen too much evil to believe anymore.
  8. Is this an original story based on Clancy's character, or is there a Clancy book that tells this story I'm unaware of? I used to read a lot of Clancy as a teen, but I haven't picked up any of his books in 10+ years, so there's probably at least 10 books of his I'm completely unaware of :-)
  9. Justified picked up a well-deserved Peabody this week! It's citation: Some other interesting choices this year, as well. I would be interested to see the documentary, The Lord is Not On Trial Here Today, on the court case establishing the separation of church and state. Full list of Peabodies.
  10. In no particular order, the 2011 albums I'm loving right now are: Lucinda Williams, Blessed Iron & Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean Over the Rhine, The Long Surrender Tried the new Deerhoof album, but I keep finding myself spacing out and losing interest about halfway through. I like the Decemberists' album, too, but don't think it'll be top 10 by the end of the year.
  11. Yet, while the major film studios are embracing the 1000th version of 1980s film or comic books, TV seems to be in the midst of a creative renaissance (as long as you break outside of the main networks). Between AMC, HBO, Showtime, TNT, FX, etc., there are some outstanding, artistic television shows exploring themes and characters that have stories to tell much longer than 2-3 hours. And even as I poke fun at the networks, they've nurtured some strong shows. The recently completed Friday Night Lights got 4 more seasons than its ratings probably deserved, and it is amazing.
  12. Anyone watching the Hall of Fame ceremony on Fuse tonight? Great to see Tom Waits honored (and performing). I also forgot Alice Cooper was being inducted this year. I was never a huge fan outside of School's Out (just before my time, really), but it's great to see two men of faith (or who at least wrestle with God in their music) being recognized for their music and artistry at the highest level. And Waits' performance of "Make it Rain" was awesome. Intense, bluesy, raw and passionate.
  13. Our library sells its old books in an annual fundraising sale. Get paperbacks for 50 cents, hardbacks for a dollar. I love picking up old books that way.
  14. Agree with the others. I'm not thrilled with the Beta. Part of the appeal of AllMusic is its simplicity to use. Search and artist or album. Click the tabs for the relevant reviews or discographies. The new site is a muddled mess. I played with the "mood/genre" finder, and it was more difficult than the original sites. And I miss the lists. Browsing cover art doesn't help me if I don't know an album ahead of time. At least the content still seems to be there. It's just going to be hard to find it sometimes.
  15. I've requested a copy to be transferred to my local library. We'll see if it arrives in a reasonable time.
  16. Blast. Apparently counting is not my strong suit today. I did get to watch all 3 of the clips up now, and I was thinking Let's Pollute was up, but I'm probably mistaken.
  17. If you still haven't seen them, Paste has all five videos (and commentary) up: Salute Your Shorts: 2011 Oscar-nominated Animated Films
  18. I'm a bit late to this party, since I just bought the album mp3s last week. But add my voice to those singing its praises. This album was the perfect soundtrack to a lazy Saturday morning last weekend when my toddler was spending the night at Grandma's. The music perfectly filled the house while enjoying breakfast and preparing for a bike ride later in the day. And then the lyrics hit home even more this week while listening in the car, with no distractions to hearing the words and music intertwine. I'll echo the praise of Undamned as one of the most powerful songs on the album. A perfect example of how simple does not mean vapid. Rave On is currently my favorite, though. Fun, and just a little bit cheeky. I was also late to the OtR party, not really picking them up until Drunkard's Prayer. But I like this one more than Trumpet Child and on par with DP. Eventually I'll get around to Ohio, Good Dog Bad Dog and Films for Radio. Funny side story. I actually saw OtR in concert back in the late 1990s at a short-lived Christian music festival (1997 I think) in Stone Mountain, Ga. At the time I was still in CCM-Youth Group music mode, but having been exposed to Vigilantes of Love my first year of college, was beginning to leave behind that music ghetto. VoL was playing the festival, along with several of my other favorites at the time (Can I plead the fifth on who else I wanted to see?). I caught OtR after VoL's set, and I thought they were good, but not my cup of tea at the time. My how my tastes have changed.
  19. I don't see nearly as movies as y'all, but this should be fun to track. bold: Theater *: Repeat viewing February The Defiant Ones (1958) *Excalibur (1981) March Toy Story 3 (2010) *Rent (2005) The Last of Sheila (1973) April Max Payne (2008) Birth of a Nation (1915)
  20. Kris and Amanda are the only team I couldn't place from a previous season, and they're still pretty forgettable to me. But otherwise, this was an great start. The producers obviously feel like they can throw a lot at these teams since they've been around the block before. My favorites are the Cowboys (and I remember them starting slow in their first go-round, too), Globetrotters, Mike/Mel and Zeb/Zack. This is still the only reality show I truly enjoy. And I love it for several reasons - the beautiful locations, my own wanderlust, and most importantly - teams win or lose based on their own luck/skill. Alliances, politics and voting have little (or no) impact on the results.
  21. You may need to review them to ensure they vibe with the Christian world-view you want, but I've always found some gems in the annual lists put out by the ALA Booklist: Best Young Adult Fiction 2011.
  22. I'm pretty standard old fashioned. Sitting on the coach, one dim light in the corner, volume turned up as loud as I can without waking the toddler. Of course, I don't have to write professional articles on these movies, so I can just let my brain absorb and my heart engage.
  23. This has a ton of potential. Del Toro always has a fascinating and visually thrilling approach. I'll be watching this one develop with a lot of interest.
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