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    The art and business of film. Family. Poker.

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    Film Festival co-Director | Film Director | Editor | Writer
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    Fearless, Casablanca, Die Hard, Heat, It's a Wonderful Life, Tombstone...
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    Silversun Pickups, SF59, Over The Rhine, U2, Led Zeppelin, Rich Mullins...
  • Favorite creative writing
    Chesterton, History Books, Entertainment News (business or fun), Theology, Crichton
  • Favorite visual art
    I have become a fan of classic realism and a sponsor of my friend, Mark, who is studying the craft in Florence, Italy. Check out his online gallery at www.mcoriginals.com

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About Me

I'm a (hopefully good) husband and father.
I earn my keep as a director and editor for hire.
I'm a co-Director of the Deep in the Heart Film Festival
I also direct personal passion projects.
I like to play poker (even if I don't win).
And I like Calvin, but I love Hobbes.

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