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  1. Hey all! (Been a while!). I just wanted to share an essay that I recently wrote about where we stand after the most recent season of THE AMERICANS. Thought some of you all might be interested.
  2. Maybe (I mean that seriously--maybe). But I wonder if this is especially true of Jack's recollection of his mother more than it is of Malick's presentation across multiple films?
  3. I may have missed conversation on this somewhere in the thread, but if it hasn't been nominated yet, I would recommend Panahi's TAXI, even while I have some leftover questions about what's scripted and what isn't and what the answer to that means.
  4. This may have been my favorite moment from my first (so far only) viewing.
  5. For a while now I've thought this could've been quite a series finale image. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yKffa92JtLI/UcyF-ks6KLI/AAAAAAAAMyw/QzBHPqBY8dg/s640/.Mad+men+housejpg.jpg
  6. I love Kendrick Lamar and I'm growing to love this album. My sense is that Good Kid, m.a.a.d City is one of the best albums of the decade. It's too early to make any declarations about this new album, which demands time and attention, but at this moment I'd say look no further than "How Much a Dollar Cost" for why so many of us think Lamar a brilliant artist--a prophetic voice, even. But given how narrative/context driven his craft is, recommending anything in isolation is in danger of devaluing it because Lamar is an artist who avoids radio singles.
  7. Good video. I would argue that the film's more subversive of Belfort than relying on exhaustive excess. I think the filmmaking suggests an unreliable narrator in various ways, too.
  8. For the sake of extra encouragement, I agree with Darren's post above about scenes you've yet to get to. I love The Immigrant. Thus far, it's my favorite film of 2014 and it's not really close, though there are several films I still need to catch up with.
  9. I would love for the author to expound upon the "more overtly (and detrimentally) evangelical" line...
  10. I happily defer to AF folks with more seniority. I know these are beloved by many here. But if you're looking for an additional voice for the list, I'd be happy to write something on one or more of these. 1. Tree of Life 2. Certified Copy 3. Vertigo 4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  11. Hey all. I haven't written in a while, but I thought some here might be interested in a piece I wrote on this film. The Babadook is likely to be on my 2014 favorites list.
  12. And I was about to say that I liked the Filmwell idea. ...but, given Greg's latest post, if everyone can agree on the final groundwork for an A&F association, I think that would probably be a good call.
  13. I really enjoyed the first one; looking forward to watching this.
  14. At this point is Force Majeure just available via screeners?
  15. I have some catching up to do once my semester ends a week from today. My only disappointment is that I'll probably have to miss so many films with the given cut-off date. Such is life outside of major markets!
  16. Nick Olson

    Gone Girl

    Now I just need to see the film!
  17. "...though it's certainly his most satisfying film on an aesthetic level." I'd be interested to hear more about this, Ryan.
  18. Yeah, while I registered my disappointment earlier in the thread, I do hope to write about various aspects of the film, many of which I enjoyed. Technically, it's often a marvel.
  19. One other thing about my issue with the ending--it's not even limited to philosophical difference with the film (though that's part of it), it's especially that the very climax of the film is something of a rug pulling reversal as it relates to the spiritual/mystical suggestiveness in the film up to that point. In other words, I think my issue is less with the philosophical difference of "they = us" and more with "they = us" being the climactic reveal. And, to be clear, I'm still into it insofar as I gave it a relatively positive rating and insofar as I'd pay to see it again in IMAX.
  20. Anders, my line about the "noble lie" was definitely on purpose (it's even an obvious trope in this film with a particular character); I'm just not sure that Nolan would say the positivity of the denouement was his noble lie. And I'm not saying that it necessarily was (intentionally, I mean)--just saying that's what it felt like.
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