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  1. My picks, in alphabetical order: The General The Godfather I The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Lost in Translation North by Northwest Raiders of the Lost Ark The Royal Tenenbaums The Searchers The Shining There Will Be Blood
  2. Interesting conversation between Fuller and Alex Pappademas of Grantland:
  3. There's a great conversation about the third season's opening episode on the new Vulture TV podcast. It's also been interesting to see Hannibal become a larger part of the cultural conversation in the last week or two, though mostly in relation to Games of Thrones and the question of how much is too much in a show (a topic they discuss in the Vulture episode). James Poniewozik had some interesting thoughts on that question at Time.
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    Glenn Heath Jr. on Blackhat at To Be (Cont'd): "The idea of mutuality, facing one’s opponent head-on as opposed to firing shots from behind the digital glow of a computer screen, becomes the film’s core argument."
  5. I'm definitely interested, though I've been doing more editing than writing lately.
  6. Posted my review of The Dance of Reality today at TBC: http://bit.ly/TdF3m7
  7. Up today, the last post in TBC's series on Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me.
  8. andrew_b_welch

    Ida (2013)

    Thanks, Christian. Looking back at some of the comments here, I'm thinking I missed something related to Wanda and the reason she does what she does in the end. In any case, I really enjoyed the first 2/3 of the movie, but that last act really seemed predictable. I was hoping Pawlikowski would draw out something more substantial about her faith in that scene in the forest, but...nope.
  9. andrew_b_welch

    Ida (2013)

    I haven't been able to do much writing since my daughter was born, but I'm trying to get back into the habit. So here's my stab at a review.
  10. That finale....wow. I think I was literally speechless for the last 10 minutes. Did not see the big character reveal coming. At. All.
  11. The third part in the conversation at To Be (Cont'd).
  12. In the latest interview with Fuller at the A.V. Club, he says, "you need to come to the finale as though you were attending a Gallagher concert. Wear your slickers because the blood is going to flow." Ever since this season's first episode, I've wondered if but given how they've deviated from Harris' books in so many other ways, I have to wonder. I wouldn't be surprised if this was it for him.
  13. If you're not reading Todd VanDerWerff's weekly interviews with Bryan Fuller, you really should be. For someone (like me) who's not familiar with the books (yet), it's interesting to read about some of the departures between the books and the show. Fuller can also be pretty free when talking about the show's eventual direction. In this particular interview, I was interested in what he had to say about Crawford and exactly how much he knows, and when he knew it. I have to say, he fooled me. Also, what Mason does to his sister may just be the plot point that has disturbed me the most in the two season so far, even with all the gruesome crime scenes we've seen.
  14. Part two in TBC's look at Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me.
  15. Also, Fuller is pretty confident the show will get a third season.
  16. Friday's episode convinced me that I need to read Harris' books. I know Hannibal and Hannibal Rising are the weaker of the four, but I plan on doing them as well. Whatever differences exist between the books and the series, my curiosity is killing me. I really want to see how they're different and get some kind of sense of where everything is heading. Also, Michael Pitt's character...the first time you see his hair and hear him speak, I thought, "Too much!" But by the end of that scene with his sister, he had me right in his pocket. Looking forward to seeing more of him. And that attack on ! Another well-executed moment in a season of great moments.
  17. This month at To Be (Cont'd), we've got Joel Bocko and Tony Dayoub doing a conversation on both Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me. Here's part one.
  18. At To Be (Cont'd), Tim Grierson and Glenn Heath Jr. just finished up a four-part series on Glazer's films, including this one.
  19. There's also this interesting tidbit from The A.V. Club about the most recent episode's title. Sheds extra light on it's dramatically different tone: "In the kaiseki cooking tradition (for which all season two episodes are named), su-zakana is a small vinegar dish to cleanse the palate."
  20. Last night I got caught up with the three most recent episodes via the NBC app. Episode seven may just be my favorite of the season so far, with the way it draws so many threads together and really changes the game for Will. I didn't expect them to do so much with the Chesapeake Ripper storyline in one episode. All of it seemed like great season finale material, so now I'm desperate to know where it's all going this year.
  21. The ending of Friday's episode was pitch-perfect. Great episode overall, but those last few moments took it to another level.
  22. My take on the cold-open. I would guess that a number of viewers are in my situation: the only Hannibal they know is the one from Demme's movie, which is not really the Hannibal we met in the first season. I mean, yes, he's the same, but his name isn't infamous yet. I assumed that season one would be all about getting us to that point, but clearly Fuller has a different plan. I'm okay with that plan, but maybe he wants to assure people who aren't as okay with it that, yes, we will get closer to the Hannibal most people are familiar with this time around. Also, I'd completely forgotten about the ear thing.
  23. Glenn Kenny on the music of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's the second part in a four-part series on how Kubrick used music.
  24. The latest series at To Be (Cont'd) is about Stanley Kubrick and his use of music, with Matt Zurcher and Glenn Kenny contributing. The opening post, by Matt, focuses on A Clockwork Orange.
  25. I've been interested in Medium ever since it launched a little while ago. I like it's simple, clean layout, and how easy it is to use. But I hadn't really found a good use for it myself until an idea occurred to me this morning. I decided to experiment with the site's collections feature, which allows users to make categories for other users to submit to. The collection I created is called Three Good Scenes. If you're familiar with the Howard Hawks quote about what makes a good movie, you may be able to guess what the general conceit is, but if I not I wrote a brief intro. Anyway, even though it's just an experiment on my part, I'd love to see something happen with it, and I thought some people on here would be interested.
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