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  1. Plan on checking it out this weekend. Will report back.
  2. Friend and I have started getting into the X-Wing Minatures game, which is a blast, but my goodness you can start spending money on it fast. Both of us already sunk a lot of money into it. It's a blast to play and there's a lot of strategy and customization to it. If you have the time and money, I'd say it's definitely worth playing, but beware the nagging need to get more and more of it. I'm already eyeing more ships after ordering a couple more yesterday. I'm hooked.
  3. Good. I think Whitta is a terrible writer. Much more interested in the project now that his involvement is over.
  4. Some are speculating that the boat in the top right could mean a release of The New World. I want to believe.
  5. I agree with that. I think this has been better focused, but I haven't quite had that moment where it's clicked yet. I'll keep watching.
  6. Watched the first three this morning, solid so far, but I'm not sure its won me over yet. Getting a heavy Top of the Lake vibe, but the setting isn't quite as compelling as Top of the Lake so far.
  7. First clip released. Still looking good. Eddie Marsan is spot on in this role.
  8. What a weird movie to make a sequel from.
  9. Whoa. She's been busy this year.
  10. If this is going to exist, I'm at least glad we aren't making Deckard the main character. Still have no desire to see this at all.
  11. Each album has been a diminishing return, so unless I hear this one is amazing, I think I'll skip it.
  12. First image released. Will premiere in American sometime in 2015.
  13. James Blake Ewing


    Will only work if they focus on the romance. Had several conversations with people about how 1984 ceases to be meaningful if the romance isn't the focal point. People spend way too much time consumed with the world and setting and trying to make it relevant to modern times that the heart of the story is completely missed.
  14. Bought the Tati Box Set, realized I probably shouldn't have, but watching all of them this weekend made me too happy to care.
  15. I'm cautiously optimistic of the new season. Want it to be good, but for some reason I'm worried that it'll try to wrap up too nicely. I mean this is Lynch we're talking about, so I'm not sure why I'm concerned. I'm also hoping that it tries to stand more as its own story instead of just wrapping up everything from the end of season 2.
  16. I'm hoping to get my group to try this version at some point next year. While I dig some stuff about 4e, the combat can just be overwhelming some time. Our DM has found a pretty great balance between combat/puzzling/role-playing in 4e with our new campaign, so I think we'll be rolling with this one for a while, but I think both he and I are interested enough in 5e that we're going to rook our group into it at some point. Honestly, I think our biggest barrier will be the lack of a software character creator. Right now, I don't think most people would be down for manually writing up character sheets. (Heck, right now I wouldn't be down for that.)
  17. I liked it quite a bit, mostly for its big heart, but it has a lot of flaws. My review.
  18. Sounds intriguing. I'd buy a copy.
  19. Haven't had a chance to play much lately. This past month has been kinda hectic. I did play Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game, with my brother which was a decent area influence game with more focus on cards than on dice. It's the kind of thing you could play with kids maybe 10 and up. I got it fairly cheep, so I'm sure it will be at least worth a few plays and something I can get people into because of the theme. Also played a handful of games of Battlestar Galactic with my gaming group. I've suggested playing something else, but I've yet to be notified when we're going to board game instead of D&D, so I never bring anything on those nights. I did pick up 7 Wonders, since it can play a large group.
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