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  1. I'm very interested in this project. The fact that Lecrae had no problem with being involved with it really intrigues me. But I'm also expecting plenty of Christian critics saying this film is "Anti-Christian", and out to get them.
  2. One theory as to how TFIOS will impact Hollywood.
  3. I must ask; what does it mean for one to be brilliant at twitter?
  4. I enjoyed the book. But I will be curious if this film's notable success will affect Summer Blockbusters in the long run.
  5. Been playing a lot of WoW lately. Trying to get my paladin to level 90. I also have been replaying Starcraft 2. One of my favorite games of all time. The campaigns are engaging, both of the protagonist's character development is solid, and I just love the universe. I'm working on mastering Hearthstone, but my Rogue deck isn't strong enough. (I've only recently fell in love with Blizzard Entertainment.)
  6. Truthfully, I wish EDGE OF TOMORROW was getting the coverage TFIOS is currently receiving. I just wasn't that impressed with it as a book.
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