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  1. Thats awesome! Thanks to those who contributed.
  2. Do you need a app for this? That way you don’t have to deal editing so many html and css.
  3. Nvm checked the logs and the database table ibf_core_output_cache needed to be repaired.
  4. Don’t think its the donate plugin, try to clear history and let us know.
  5. RAW

    The iPhone

    Ip was blocked on the server firewall.
  6. 1) You can access via cPanel or FTP 2) https://www.siteground.com I recommended OVH to Tyler they have cheap price for VPS and also Ddos protection. The password you can change from the cPanel or WHM.
  7. Just to help and answer a few of your questions. This is where things get a litlte murky. Here are things I don't understand or don't know: 1) How, if at all to log into OVH to make changes to files or upload files directly using FTP or some other means. (Some of the Top 100 and Top 25 pages are clearly housed in the same domain Web Hosting, but I don't know where.) - /tylermccabe is the forum directory and is where the update files should be updated. 3) OVH has something called VPS (virtual private server) and something called Cloud hosting. I don't know the difference or which I/we have. - This website was hosted I think at godaddy before and had all kind of issues & this is why Tyler hired me to setup a vps and add good security. 4) As a result of these issues, any time the board software (Invision) has to be updated, the board crashes because some adjustments have to be made manually (I presume) in the web hosted location. - I think this is when there is a update and you click on the ACP for auto upgrade but not sure. None of these are preventing the site from working right now, but running machinery that you don't understand makes it seem inevitable that you will eventually push the wrong button or alter the wrong file and end up messing things up. Here's what I'd like to see happen: 1) Eventually I'd like the hosting to be someplace that I'm more familiar with, like GoDaddy or BluHost. That would be more $$, probably, but experience tells me with GoDaddy, there is at least a 24-hour tech support that speaks English (most of OVH control panel is in French or translated though inelegant web translator), similarly when I called them, language barriers make it hard for us to understand one another. - These are terrible hosting companies if you ever decide to move host and opt for a shared hosting choose Site Ground, just keep in mind you will be on a shared server with thousands of other sites.
  8. The donation widget will be good to add on this site will help a lot and make it easier for users who will like to help with donations. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7372-donate-sidebar/
  9. It will not affect but the site may not be visible for some for 2 or 3 days.
  10. Hi, I have checked and noticed some unusual activity so i will let other admins know.
  11. There have been many complaints but IPS seems to ignore or at least for now, lets see if any new changes for 4.1.x.
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