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  1. BrotherChaos

    OtR tour

    If you visit the otr website, it appears that the Dec. portion of the tour is back on. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. BrotherChaos

    OtR tour

    hooray! I'll be at the Baltimore show on Dec. 5!
  3. http://www.sunspot.net/entertainment/movie...atures-specials I just read this review of Lost in Translation from the Baltimore Sun and I was curious of what everyone thinks. I've attempted to post the link above, forgive me if it doesn't work. Also, for those who have seen it, how does Bill Murray's performance in this compare to his work in Rushmore?
  4. BrotherChaos

    OtR tour

    Does anyone know if they will be announcing more tour dates? Maybe winter dates? Right now I can't make it to the only show that is anywhere close to me... :cry:
  5. I agree. Regarding these specific lyrics from NIN, I think if you look at the history of western culture you'll notice (as Trent Reznor did) that alot of bad things were done in the name of God, and you might see some truth in these lyrics. Alot of 'bruised backs have been danced on' by people claiming to be Christians. As Christians, we should not stop listening to an artist if they want nothing to do with religion. It reminds us that everyone has a story and most of these lyrics are written from the artists own experience or perspective. We can listen to these lyrics with discernment and see things from the artists point of view and ask questions like "Why did he/she write that lyric?", "Is there any truth to what they have said?", "How can I love someone who has similar feelings towards Christianity?".
  6. I am nodding my head in agreement. Too much of Christian discussion is doomed to "broken record" status. :sigh: "Worship is in the doing even more than the talking", blah, blah, blah. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that one. (Not saying it's not true, but lets move on...)
  7. Interesting discussion, but would someone be so kind as to define "snarkiness"? you see, I'm new here.. :?
  8. two soundtracks that I listen to frequently - Swingers Rushmore I highly recommend these, especially if you are a fan of these films.
  9. Jeffrey - I didn't click on the link you provided, but I believe D.W. Griffith made "Birth of A Nation", while Riefenstahl was known for "Triumph of the Will". Easy to get these confused, as they are both groundbreaking films (from what I hear) that propangandize racist organizations (The KKK and Nazis).
  10. I respect this opinion, however isn't this more a question of style preference rather than vocal ability? I don't think just because Karin does the "stuttered-breath 'oh,oh,oh,oh,oh' thing" necessarily means that her voice is not a beautiful creation. That's just what she does...I'm guessing that it's how she communicates a particular emotion in a song (by the way, what song is this in?) I definitely agree that her voice is not perfect, and she is probably looked down upon by many a voice student. However, as with many artists, it's the imperfections and rough edges in someones voice that makes them unique and attracts many of their listeners to their music. Obviously, no one would ever say that Bob Dylan has a beautiful voice (I know, extreme example), but a Dylan fan wouldn't have it any other way, because there is something about it's imperfection that speaks to them. I guess if this weren't true we'd all be listening to Pavoratti.
  11. Funny thing - I had 2 totally different reactions to reading Mclaren's response to his critics and looking at the website for his church. Personally, I wasn't familiar with Mclaren before I clicked on this topic. I definitely want to read New Kind of Christian, as it sounds like its right up my alley, on the other hand my gag reflex was in full force when I looked at the website for Cedar Ridge Community church (as I live somewhat close, and was thinking about checking it out). Their theology appears sound, so I guess I'm dealing with a personal preference issue here (so please forgive me if you attend Cedar Ridge or a similar church). I am a 28 yr. old post-modern thinker (I guess that would make me post-evangelical?), however for some reason when a church describes itself as "user-friendly", and they advertise contemporary music, drama and/or multimedia on Sundays, I am immediately turned off. I don't want that to come across in a harsh manner, I realize that people desire different worship experiences, I might just be old-fashioned (or part of a dying breed). That being said, I am still drawn to Mclaren and his school of thought, and I am definitely going to check out his books.
  12. I loved Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. I read it twice (and will probably read it again). Along the same lines, I thoroughly enjoyed Transforming Vision: Developing a Christian Worldview, and Opening of the Christian Mind (which more specifically deals with higher education). I also liked Fit Bodies Fat Minds, which kind of reminded me of a "Cliffs Notes" version of Knoll's book. Sounds like we have similar interests, although my focus is more broadly on the effect of fundamentalism and modernism on the history of the modern church, as opposed to specifically on higher education. I recently picked up "The Democratization of American Christianity" by Hatch, and intend to start it before the end of the year.
  13. The lyrics to "Luminous Times" being the words of Christ might finally explain the line that I could never figure out - "I love you cause I need to, not because I need you". I always wondered why Bono would say that to his wife...
  14. Christian - Thanks for the insight.. I always hear about the "four spiritual laws" in conjunction with the theology of Crusade. Any idea what this is all about?
  15. As a sidenote to this discussion, a good book on this topic is "War Psalms of the Prince of Peace". I can't remember the author's name, but it is a great book that unravels some of the more difficult and puzzling verses in the Psalms. Turns out that excluding these verses is more commonplace than you might think...
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