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  1. Hello Evan, Thanks for your insight and for the links. This is great. Look forward to hearing more thoughts!
  2. Hello Joel, Thank you for taking the time to write and with me these films. I truly appreciate this and will watch the ones I haven't seen and revisit the ones I have. I look forward to having more dialogues here. God bless!
  3. Hello BethR, Thank you for your message. I wanted to share I read over the list and that is what drove me to this site. I apprecaite everyone's thoughts and insight. I look forward to hearing more from yourself and others too.
  4. Hello! Thanks for your message and insight. I apprecaite it. What's your book title? The Son are you talking about Eli McCullough story by Phillip Meyer's? I have heard of it. When I asked about overt or subtle themes, there is a stigma, where the evolution of storytelling today is you need to spoon feed the audience. And this is because of their attention span. Myself I feel that it's more important to encourage the reader, the viewer to ask themselves questions about what they are reading. Stimulate their minds. In all of this I look for truth and what people truly enjoy. I appreciate you confirming with me what you wrote about 'faith based film' and how all creative work is an act of faith. It's been hard to wrap my head around how they have created a genre now. Faith is faith. Whether it's a little or a lot. Faith is still faith. I hope to encourage growth in peoples faith in God. That is my hope. So thank you again for your confirmation on what I believe too. I look forward to hearing more from you!
  5. Greetings, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. I am a filmmaker based in Vancouver BC, Canada. Last year we completed my latest film Genesis Code which we are hoping will be released this year. This film is a story about a man who is blamed for the murder of his wife and the mysterious disappearance of their friend and her colleague. Struggling with his own faith in God, he sets out to prove his innocence on the day that his wife's spirit appears to him. (He believes she is leading him to the answers.) This is a "cat and mouse/who did it' film with elements and questions about God and who He is. Personally, my walk with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit has been full and blessed. The journey has been up and down, over mountain peaks and through valleys, which has led me to know how true God's love is for us. I have never been a skeptic, as I was born into a Christian household, but have met many people who don't know God or struggle with their faith in Him. My goal is to create and make inspirational films and where God is the center. The hero will encounter many challenges where their faith will be tested. These are stories with moral themes of good vs evil and light and darkness. I hope through these stories I will bring light, hope and inspire people to consider God and His truth. What would you consider some of your favorite movies/TV series that touch on the Spirit of Humanity and God's hand in the hero's journey? Is there a difference between faith based and spiritually based films? Would you prefer overt or subtle themes when watching these films? Thank you for your time and responses, God bless, Bryce McLaughlin