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  1. We caught the Detholz opening up for Wilco, and I'd have to agree. I'm not sure exactly what it was that was going on onstage, but it had a vitality that few headliners, let alone opening acts, seem capable of mustering.
  2. Just saw the trailer for this film, and it looked...well, awful. I'm with BDR in saying Phoenix looks way too pretty. And, while I can appreciate the work that might have been put into the singing, Phoenix is not, was not, nor ever will be anything but the dimmest wavering shadow of Cash's vocal talent. Given that Cash's voice had such an iconic sound, I can't see why the filmmakers didn't just have him lipsynch. I mean, I respect and laud T-Bone to the highest, but he is still just human. Like Gigi, I shake my head.
  3. A few years ago, my wife came home from a Rolling Stones concert raving about their performance of "Wild Horses." What made this unusual was that she had never really liked the song as heard on record. This past May, we had the pleasure of seeing U2 live in Chicago. Now, I seem to be one of the few folks who find Atomic Bomb to be rather less than atomic but dangerously close to a bomb; however, the songs from Bomb that they played live sounded rather good and engaging. Friday night, we heard Over the Rhine play a small club in Columbus, and I was once again reminded of this phenomenon of a so-so album cut coming alive in performance as they breathed life into "Show Me" and "Lookin Forward," two tunes that I felt weren't up to the snuff of the other songs on Ohio and Drunkard's Prayer. So, how about you? Any songs you've seen saved in performance? Any lackluster album cuts that suddenly sprang to life on stage?
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    I was going to say, "Yes, Ken, you are." but Darren seems to have made that statement false.
  5. At the risk of veering off topic, it's somewhat interesting that the Irenaeus's symbolism gets somewhat modified over the years. While the symbolism that has evolved over the centuries retains the connections of Luke with the Ox and Matthew with the human, John and Mark trade attributes. Iranaeus ties John to lion and Mark to the eagle; whereas texts like the Book of Kells and numerous other pieces of art through the centuries link John to the eagle and Mark to the lion. Ok, maybe it's not all that interesting and I'm just loopy.
  6. According to Video Business Revenge of the Sith will not be released in VHS at all. Buena Vista (Disney) is said to be totally ditching VHS by the end of the year. So, here's the question, if a format dies in the forest, will anyone care?
  7. I've never seen an Ingmar Bergman film. Nor a Tarkovsky. The Big Chill Any Muppet movie past The Muppet Movie
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    Nyet. That was on Never Say Die. "Why Should the Father Bother" was the big hit from Washes Whiter Than. It was STILL being played on the local schlocky Christian station last time I checked ... Egads, you're sooo right. WWT also featured that lovely bit of treacle, "Yahweh Love" with the deep lyric: YAHweh love YAHweh LOVE YAHweh love YAHweh love yahweh LOVE YAHweh. Love YAHweh.
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    There's a reason that Washes Whiter Than yielded their first real big hits ("I Can Be Friends With You" was one), and that even after that they were known on the radio for songs such as "The Coloring Song" etc.
  10. I found this bit from the article Waffle suggested especially useful:
  11. After reading the topic title, I can't get Chicago's SuperDawg out of my head. [attachmentid=427]
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    I personally started losing interest after the exit of Greg X. Volz (talk about a great rock name). Sure, I picked up the first couple of albums featuring Schlitt (I was still in high school.), but they never had the same impact for me. Once it (Petra) became a brand more than a band, I totally zoned out. Still, as noted in the CT bit, Petra was a groundbreaking band in the Christian rock arena, and for that they deserve a good bit of respect.
  13. A good, brief, sketch of the differences between fundamentalists and evangelicals can be found in Alister McGrath's Evangelicalism & the Future of Christianity. You're on to the difference when you mention separatism. Fundies tend towards "secondary separatism" which demands not only a separation from the world but also from other Christians whom they deem wrong. Historically, evangelicals have been more interested in engaging the culture while fundamentalists have not. Unfortunately, as mentioned elsewhere, the two terms have become blurred. My wife and I ran into that blurring in a rather brick wall like way when we found ourselves in a fundamentalist environment that had been presenting itself as an evangelical one; it was not pretty. Interestingly, the latest New Yorker has an article on Billy Graham's last crusade in New York which positions Graham as a kind of via media historically and also does a good job presenting the history of these two branches of Christendom.
  14. tctruffin

    Halo: The Film

    Yesterday, Universal and 20th Century Fox announced a film deal to bring the video game Halo to the big screen in 2007. The IMDB listing shows Alex Garland, who wrote 28 Days Later, attached to write the script. Bungie, the company who created Halo, has posted this story with some interesting bits about how things have progressed to this point. Films based on video games have never fared all that well--can we say Double Dragon?--but the Halo game features a well-developed story that is rather cinematic on its own. I also happen to know one of the artists who worked on the Halo games, and his experience of the folks at Bungie tells me that they take their games and their stories very seriously. It will be interesting to see if that devotion to story survives Hollywood's meat grinder. For the uninitiated, here's the Bungie pages for Halo and Halo 2. (P.S. a.k.a. Full Disclosure: Yes, I'm a recovering video game nerd from the 80's [do the numbers 2600 mean anything to you?]. And, yes, I do own an XBox. But I currently only own about 5 or 6 titles and am woefully out of the loop on most VG matters. Mainly because I'm also a cheapskate, and I couldn't stand it when arcade games started costing more than a quarter to play.)
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    Red Eye

    Earlier this summer, Spielberg taught us several important lessons in his film War of the Worlds. The most important of which was to finish your basement and buy a brownstone in Boston. Now, Wes Craven presents his own set of life lessons through the non-supernatural thriller Red Eye. I should caution you, some of Craven's lessons are aimed at would-be assasins rather than the good people of Miami. 1. Those bathrooms on airplanes have a much greater capacity than you might think. 2. Don't trust airphones if you're planning to assassinate a high-ranking government official. 3. Girls, learn to play field hockey. 4. Guys, don't be deceived by the cheerleader photos in your victim's father's house; she plays field hockey, too. 5. Guys (part II): When you are holding a woman's father hostage in order to coerce her into helping you assassinate an important person, do not make snide comments about female emotions and male logic. It will bite you in the tushie. 6. Always carry TWO rockets with your bazooka. 7. A scarf is a stylish and curiously effective bandage for your tracheotomy. Given a choice, opt for the burgandy color so as not to display the inevitable blood seepage. 8. Contrary to popular belief, people on airplanes are completely unobservant and will never notice if you take their things. 9. Even bad guys don't use their cellphones on the plane, so don't get any ideas. 10. Late summer's hottest accessory: hired hitmen that are as well-behaved as dogs.
  16. I know this is so "english teacher," but I thought this and this were interesting.
  17. 4 words: Lord of the Rings [ducking and covering as I head out the door]
  18. Is it fair to assume that you mean books or films that aren't produced for the evangelical subculture (i.e. Left Behind)?
  19. The first time I saw Twilight in the Wilderness by Frederick Edwin Church at the Cleveland Museum of Art I was transfixed for half an hour. I've been back to visit it several times, but I don't think I've ever spent that long focused so intently again.
  20. If y'all are going to be in Columbus, I'll see you there. Just ordered tix this week.
  21. Calling all English Majors, read this.
  22. tctruffin

    King Kong

    The official spes of the newly remastered classic King Kong DVD have been announced as well as the cover art. Looks like alot of fun.
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