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  1. I missed this. I don't suppose they'll do this again before the release date?
  2. This one is taking me a little while to get into but I think I'm really starting to like it a lot. It's definitely a "grower" for me but I'm glad I stuck with it rather than listening to it only a few times then shelving it.
  3. Judging from a recent indie sales chart, I'm pretty sure it's closer to a few hundred thousand albums.
  4. Amazon recently put up a larger size copy of the artwork.
  5. OTR plays there often and I think their shows usually sell out.
  6. I agree, but Nettwerk has some alternative marketing ideas so who knows what all they have planned for this release. Her main web site was recently updated and it only mentions this being released on the 12th as a digital release. The songs are lovely. Rosie doesn't need Sufjan and Denison to sound great, but they are both welcome additions. I had trouble getting the myspace player to load (and i have dsl) but the same 2 songs are up on her web site and there are no loading problems there.
  7. Read that long section of text underneath the Pretty Dress video: "Here is a little info. about Rosie and about her record These Friends Of Mine... Most of the songs were recorded immediately after Rosie wrote them, with Denison and Sufjan scrambling to quickly write their own parts before Rosie herself forgot the songs.... Rosie
  8. Wired had an article a few months ago about Nettwerk's alternative marketing ideas with an emphasis on BNL's latest release and artist-run labels.
  9. PrivateStorm

    Sufjan Stevens

    Music Video for Sufjan Stevens' "Put The Lights On The Tree," animated by Tom Eaton. Starring the Michigan Militia, the Swans, the Illinoisemakers, Sufjan Stevens, and Grandma.
  10. I'm surprised no one on this forum has yet mentioned Rosie O'Donnell's recent comments on the View about Christianity ("radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam"): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIoDTzvEdGw.
  11. No one has given Serena-Maneesh a listen yet? They've been mentioned on this forum a few times and their self-titled album is great. For fans of Jesus & Mary Chain, MBV, etc. They are touring the U.S. this fall with Woven Hand (DEE solo) opening for a portion of the tour.
  12. For Jonny Lang, faith in music has a new meaning:
  13. ::w00t:: They have a new album in the works!?! ::w00t::Dolorean has a track on Easy to be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson. I'd like to hear the track by Oed Ronne since I've always loved his contributions to the Ocean Blue's last few releases.
  14. I hate to agree to this, but you are right. I had hoped for better too. There were a few demos that she put up on myspace last year that I thought were better than a few of the songs that made it onto the album. I think I read in an interview that Matt wrote one of the songs on the album (Nervous in the light?). FWIW, Nettwerk put up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLZVjvUT3yc.
  15. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    When is this? If you are referring to the US dates listed on Sounds Familyre's site those are from last year. Neither. I was going to look for something online that I could link to but I never got around to it. It's probably in the Puur press stuff somewhere. I believe that it is his own made up language based on indian and european languages.
  16. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    I'd like to hear an album that comes closer to matching the intensity of his live shows. Stef - have you heard 16HP's cover of Bad Moon Rising?
  17. PrivateStorm

    CCM Patrol

    I think Margaret Becker is one of the few remaining artists in the CCM industry that I respect. I thought some of her Psalms album was a bit cliched musically, but otherwise I think she fits your description. Listen to some of the songs she has written/recorded in the New Irish Hymns series or the artists she has produced (Kathy Shooster) as examples. These days I think she is more influential as a speaker, writer, producer, etc more so than as a solo artist.
  18. PrivateStorm

    Woven Hand

    For a limited time, 3VOOR12 is streaming the entire album.
  19. For a limited time, 3VOOR12 is streaming the entire album.
  20. From Shelf Awareness: (if this is better suited for the television forum maybe someone can move it?)
  21. Here's what Steve Brown has been up:
  22. PrivateStorm

    Arvo P

    Has anyone seen this documentary? Just wondering if it's any good?
  23. PrivateStorm


    I was going to post this in the guilty pleasures thead but then I decided that I don't feel all that guilty for liking Erasure so much. And neither should you. When I heard that they were going to release an acoustic album (Union Street) I was really skeptical, but I ended up liking it from the very first listen. I'm glad that they chose some of their lesser known songs instead of just reworking their greatest hits. My only complaint is that the songs are mainly all the same tempo. Their last couple of albums haven't gotten much recognition but I think that they are still every bit as good as they were back in their heyday ('80s and early '90s), and maybe even better. I think Andy Bell's solo album from last year is great too ("I feel so ashamed to tell you I go crazy, crazy crazy...").
  24. Busted Halo discusses faith's place in art and the public market with one of America's most adventurous singer-songwriters
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