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  1. I'm a budding Christian. I've lived in a Christian home all my life, gone to church all my life, the works. From a young age, I wanted to act in some way, shape or form. Within the last decade or so, I'd decided that I wanted to voice act for video games, especially out of a fondness for the stories that can be told in mediums such as those. Recently, however, I've been confronted with the possibility that some roles I undertake could involve the utterance of profane language. And as it relates to that, I've heard everything. There are those who say that it's the thoughts behind the words that make them unclean. There are those who think that the words themselves are unclean. There are those saying these words are impactful because we give them power over us. I know what the Bible says in relation to this, and it makes me feel as though if I continue with this, then I give up my salvation. If I don't, then I remain miserable. At least that's how I feel right now. I don't go into this with the intention of just cussing my fool head off, or anything. And it doesn't bother me as much as it (perhaps?) should. And there are Christian actors out there (Jim Caviezel, for instance), who swear in roles but don't do other things like sex scenes or some such. Why is that? Are they just not convicted on that front? I don't understand. I wish I could, I need understanding right now. Sorry if I sounded too dramatic, and thank you for your responses. EDIT: It occurred to me I may have posted this in the wrong section. If this is indeed the case, apologies.
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