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    Wonder Woman movie

    CHUNKY..... ok strong Women dont look emaciated..... they look chunky!!! I think that Either RENA, or Nadia.. your girl is the eqiv. of WW looking like Katie Holmes.Cute but not even close.
  2. timbeau3275

    Wonder Woman movie

    ok well, I took another look at your girl... Yes she is beautiful,maybe even exotic..... but seriously. Let me see if you will consider this name. NADIA BJORLIN. Take a look at this woman she seriously is a WW look-a-like. please reconsider, I can see it...can you? [attachmentid=256][attachmentid=255]
  3. In "long Kiss Goodnight" near the end of the film with(Charle) Davis,Jackson in the car with the little girl and all of the fire from the bridge explosion in the background seen through the rear window. Totally exhilarating..... After this movie took us to this point. We knew that we were seeing the end of our beloved Heroine and Hero. I always get a tear at this point and sigh of relief. Cant find the pic, but go rent this movie and ask why wasnt there a sequel.
  4. timbeau3275

    Wonder Woman movie

    I have really enjoyed all of the great comments about this phenon of WW. I am an amature at many things however, Wonder Woman is not one of those things. I am admittedly excited that my "pursuit of happiness" has resulted in being around to see this movie get into production. With all of that said I would like to throw out a name that I think would be excellent choice for this role. RENA SOPHER. Its the Eyes, and jawline. they are essential. Looks are the most important rule for the casting of this movie. She has a more mature look and is consistent with every portrayal from the comic book. please take a look at her website, you have to agree. Also her resume is similar Lynda Carters at this period in their career. I would like to point out that following the comic book story line is not as important as casting for looks. The TV series set a precedent with the WONDER spin that Lynda created. The comic book followed by using the spin in later issues. (I would like to see Lynda play Hipollyta (queen mother) in the Movie. According to the Comic book Hipollyta was Wonder Woman during WWII. Diana was Miss America in this period.) Comments are welcome. Please consider RENA, I am seeing a real blockbuster movie and hopefully an updated TV series. Costume Updates???? Even as a WW purist, It is time for a few updated I think.....maybe somthing fitted with legs and wide Lapels, new belt design of course.... but all elements with the addition of the power of flight (a gift granted to her in the comic by athena)