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  1. I have a real good movie idea but I don’t know how to write a screenplay. Is there any screenwriters out there looking for a good movie idea for them to write their own screenplay? Below is the moral truths and premise of my movie idea. The genre is a faith-based, child abuse, mental illness overcoming story. If anyone after reading the following, is interested, in writing this screenplay as he or she pleases, message me and I will then send you a synopsis of this movie idea. This is a movie idea that you can make changes as desired. Moral Truth #1: “Those who doubt are weak; those who believe are strong. Strong convictions precede great actions”. Moral truth #2: Personal giants can be conquered if you put your trust in, and surrender your life and fears to, God. Moral truth #3: God is grace to His children. Grace is not based upon performance and says “you don’t have to strive to be perfect in order to be loved, considered good, and be accepted by God.” Because of this, we also don’t need to worry about trying to perform or be perfect in order to win the approval of humans, since even though someone doesn’t love you – God does and that is what really matters. Grace also implies, since we have been forgiven by God, we should also forgive and accept others in spite of their shortcomings and sins. Premise: An unconfident, abused, mentally ill (has bipolar disorder, OCD) young male adult (Joe) strives to overcome his personal giants in life, and also, initially, do great things in life (be perfect) in order to prove his self-worth and win the love and acceptance of his abusive father, and also the love and acceptance of his Heavenly Father (God), as Joe doesn’t yet understand what God’s grace truly means. As Joe is overcoming these and other personal strongholds, Joe believes God sent him to change the world: a dream Joe pursues the remainder of his life through the power of God.
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