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Found 2 results

  1. This might be of interest around these parts primarily for the Sufjan Stevens connection (that is, Stevens is providing the soundtrack, so here's a link to our thread): Aciman's most recent novel, Enigma Variations is getting a little positive buzz.
  2. IMDB link. Ok, so I mentioned this movie in another thread and made a (fruitless) inquiry on Facebook about it a few weeks back, but I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a chance to watch this movie? Trailer and some review links and then my thoughts. If you want to watch the movie unspoiled (which I did), I'd advise skipping the trailer, which really doesn't get at the central weirdness of this movie: Godfrey Cheshire Boyd van Hoeij Both of those selections get at the thing that most grabbed me about the movie, actually: it starts off like a pretty standard coming-of-age story featuring a sensitive gay boy and his more assertive, more experienced boyfriend, and then--about halfway through--it takes a turn into David Lynchville, circa Mulholland Dr. There are junkyards full of corpses, dogs who just won't die, possible hauntings. And all the while the movie is shot like...well, like a pretty standard coming-of-age story featuring a sensitive gay boy. I watched the film twice in a week and I still can't figure out exactly what to do with it. For all of Lynch's weirdness, he is at least comforting in that you know what's coming; his style and his content are closely aligned. What's interesting--and frustrating and intriguing--about this movie is precisely the way in which, with a couple of exceptions, style and content don't align. Most of the reviews I've read focus on the movie's interaction with LGBTQ issues in Thailand, and that's certainly a major theme. But I think it's only a major theme, depending on how you read the last twenty minutes or so (which I won't spoil, on behalf of those who hate spoilers). Anyway, thoughts appreciated. It's on Netflix US, but I'm not sure where else it's available.