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Found 1 result

  1. Darren H

    The Public Cinema

    Today I'm feeling a bit like Rob at the end of High Fidelity when he decides to produce an album by those skater kids. After complaining about the film scene in Knoxville for more than a decade and daydreaming about how to improve it, my friend Paul and I officially launched The Public Cinema. We're kicking it off with twice-a-month screenings at the Knoxville Museum of Art, but we plan to also program events--no-budget indies and avant-garde work--at a rock club. We won't know if it's a success, of course, until we have a few screenings under our belt, but the response on social media has been really encouraging. We've already gotten a push from the soon-to-be-launched alt-weekly, and the manager of a local restaurant (and former classmate of Paul's) is excited enough by the announcement that she's volunteered to welcome everyone after the first screening. At TIFF this year I had along conversation with the guy who heads up Cinema Guild (my favorite American distributor) and shared with him our ideas for The Public Cinema. He basically said, "This is the future of theatrical distribution for company's like mine." It's exciting. The KMA is a great space, 1080p projection does the trick for most Blu-ray content, and for now at least I've been able to convince a few filmmakers and sales agents to give us a free screening.
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