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Biblical mini-golf, anyone?

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Wow, it was hard to decide where to post this one, whether in Humor, Travel, or Religion. Regarding the latter, this is certainly food for righteous indignation over the co-opting of spirituality for frivolous entertainment purposes, and at the very least, nudges the Apocalypto-meter a few minutes closer to the midnight hour. But, hey, I'm feeling more frivolous today, so I thought I'd post it under 'Humor.'

Anyway, for those living in or travelling through Kentucky, you can choose between the more blandly named Lexington Ice and Recreation Center or the jarringly-titled Golgotha Fun Park.

Make of it what you will...

(Awww, in scrolling down to the bottom of the second link - which is pretty funny - I learned that the GFP is now closed. I have it on good authority, though, that the Lexington course is up and running, so that you can still putt across the parted Red Sea and hit your golfball past the Empty Tomb.)

Edited by Andrew

To be an artist is never to avert one's eyes.
- Akira Kurosawa


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When I first moved to East Tennessee I had a friend who had come here from the northeast and was fascinated (in a jaw-dropped, wide-eyed way) with the spectacle of tourists in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Her goal was to find the holy grail of T-shirts -- one with Dale Earnhart, a confederate flag, and a Bible verse on it.

Anyway, she used to joke that she was going to drop out of graduate school to open a Bible-themed putt putt course. Her plan included having an Old Testament front nine and a New Testament back. I'm going to have to track down her email address to let her know that, once again, satire has proven a feeble comment on the "real."

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