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Seeing Through Cynicism

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I just received a copy of Dick Keyes' Seeing Through Cynicism: A Reconsideration of the Power of Suspicion. It's a topic I'm looking forward to exploring, from a Christian perspective.

The chapter titles are as follows:


Part 1: The Anatomy of Cynicism

1 Introducing Cynicism

2 Cynicism: New and Used

3 Seeing Through People

4 Seeing Through Institutions: Government, Family and Church

5 Seeing Through God

6 Seeing Through Human Knowledge of God: The Masters of Suspicion

7 Seeing Through Meaning to Power: Postmodern Cynicism

8 Seeing Through Everything Else: Boredom, Irony and Satire

Part 2: Raising Questions

9 Suspecting Our Suspicions

10 The Vulnerability of Cynicism

11 Suspecting Contemporary Suspicion About God

Part 3: An Honest Alternative to Cynicism

12 The Providence of God: A Theology of Brokenness

13 Living with the Providence of God

14 Providence Experienced: Does Jesus Make Any Difference?

15 A Pointer to Transcendence

16 What If the Transcendent Has Come to Earth?

17 Questions About a Transcendent Message

Part 4: Redeeming Suspicion: A God's-Eye View

18 What If God Is Not a Cynic?

19 Seeing Through Cynicism

20 Beyond Cynicism I: Humility-A Reality Check

21 Beyond Cynicism II: Individuality and Charity-Walking a Tightrope

22 Cynicism and Marriage

23 Cynicism and the Church

24 Cynicism and Government

25 Hope and the Costs of Cynicism


--It's a fair guess that we all struggle with cynicism. I know I have a tendency--which I've tried to fight in recent years--to see everything from a seen-it-all-before viewpoint, especially when it comes to evaluating films.

I'm not sure that attitude adequately encompasses what cynicism is, but we'll see what the book has to say.

I was wondering if anyone wants to read it with me. I thought it might be a good Book Club suggestion, but that would require other nominees, a voting process, and an uncertain outcome. I'd like to, instead, move ahead soon with the book, which I now have in hand.

Does anyone feel so moved to join me?

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Ah, that Dick Keyes! The Massachusettes L'Abri guy. Now I'm intrigued.

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Thanks for that link, Alan.

I'm open to a slower schedule. What do you and/or Jeff and/or Ellen and/or anyone else suggest?

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