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art and faith questions

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I have a question and don't know how to start a new topic so I a posting it here cuz it kind of relates.

As i mentioned before, my friend and i started a new music theatre company for youth ages 7-18. My primary motive in doing this was to provide a place that was dictated by a Judeo-Christian ethic in the choice of material, how the theatre was run, and just an overall wholesome environment for youth to explore the theatre.

We have decided to become non-profit and seek out corporate sponsors at the encouragement of other youth theatre companies around the country that we turned to for advice on getting up and going.

Repeatedly though, I have been told not to mention anything about Christianity or this "alternative" Judeo-Christian ethic and just to cloak our theatre as a general youth theatre as not to offend. It bugs me because there is a theatre company in town that is boldly announcing themselves as the gay/lesbian theatre company and the only shows or scripts they look at or perform are about the gay/lesbian lifestyle. There is another theatre company that is purely for women's issues/rights. I am not talking about naming it Louisville Christian Youth theatre but merely to have in our bylaws and information that we are trying to offer an alternative that is Judeo-Christian in philosophy.

Am I wrong? I don't want to alienate the theatre community. I have many friends there in places of leadership. But....this is why I started the theatre in the first place. I was concerned with the liberal philosophy in the local theatre community and its affect on youth.

I am open to advice or suggestions. I desperately want to walk in God's will here. I dont believe there is secular and sacred. All of it is His.


thanks for your input.

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