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Lowest box office ever

Darrel Manson

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SLAUGHTERHOUSE RULEZ is the first film released by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new production company Stolen Picture, and it looks as though they should have pilfered a different project.

Apparently this opened in only 10 theaters in the US on May 17 (it opened in Britain last Oct. 31). As of last Thursday (5/23) the total box office intake was $4,665. Even if it were showing only once a day during that 7 day release period (70 showings), that’s only a $66.65 intake per showing. If the national average price of a ticket is $8.97, that means that only 490 people in the US might have seen this film. Probably a lot less, considering evening ticket prices (the one theatre in LA that this played in charges $15 for evening shows).


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